Google Nexus 5: New Google Smartphone

The Google nexus 5 (also in white!) is now finally here and just as beautiful, fast, and cheap as expected. With this triad, it is the much more expensive competitors to Apple iPhone 5 and 5C outsmarting. If you want to achieve the new Android Smartphone from Google, find out of course with us!

 Google Nexus 5: New Google Smartphone

If you have been following the rumors with us, you should know already about the new Googlephone not officially,: 130 g weight the Google got nexus 5 very easily for a Smartphone with 4.95 ″ full HD display – very narrow frame of display and a thickness of only 8, 59 mm make the impression of a really handy almost Phablets. This very narrow mass will use a 2300mAh battery – that should make for a much shorter breath as the LG G2 with almost identical hardware and 3000mAh battery. It could be entirely different: the Motorola Moto X display consumes less energy than comparable displays – possibly has Google here for inspiration.

The Google nexus 5 has an 800 Snapdragon chipset with fast quad-core processor and thus playing in the League of the fastest smartphones currently. 2 gb memory is more than sufficient. Camera with optical image stabilization, dual-band WLAN, LTE provides another pleasure rays at high-end fans the 8 megapixel (tariff with LTE provided!), Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC. Storage technical stand 16 gb or 32 gb of choice (unfortunately not expandable via Microsd card).


Old articles:

* update 30.10.13 * rumors, rumors, rumors and yet more of them are there to Google nexus 5 – however, there is still not a Smartphone that you can buy. RP Online reported, probably approaching redemption. According to the latest rumors Smartphone should be officially launched now on 1 November 2013. In addition, there should be a new white version of the Smartphone (image source and © evleaks Twitter).

* Update 09.10.13 * displeasure on the Google nexus 5 ensured after the manual leak – the way, fully confirmed the previous rumors in terms of hardware – above all, the battery of your Smartphone, which is with 2300 mAh pretty small compared to the LG G2 equipped with snapdragon 800 or even Sony Xperia Z1, the a 3000 mAh battery. 

The Smartphone is indeed at a price of $399, roughly 399,-€ in Germany (32 gb nexus 5) and 299,-€ (16 gb nexus 5) appear, but now the kicker: the 16 gb version of the Smartphone will also only with a 2300 mAh battery come out, the more expensive option is to get a 3000 mAh battery. So that would be significantly more exciting Google nexus 5 in the more expensive version and Google would have – if the rumors come true – invented an entirely new model for determining price.

The internal storage as a differentiation criterion is available for the manufacturer. To me, that sounds at the time still little credible: why should the 16 gb version get a smaller battery 5? All these questions are probably resolved towards the middle of October, when Google officially presents nexus 5.


* Update 02.10.13 * there is now a photo of the Google nexus 5 surfaced, that we want to share with you. This photo is from the MacRumors Forum (actually more an iPhone domain) and in good sharpness shows the back of the Google nexus 5. The back seems to be once again from a non-slip soft touch material. According to user report, is slightly smaller than the LG G2 Google nexus 5, has inherited the very narrow frame around the display. The display according to the user was “ ok ”, it has the display of Samsung Galaxy can inspire the note 3 more (of certain “ WOW effect will probably just be caused by the AMOLED display).