Google nexus 7 – 2013: new and old model when compared

The Google nexus 7 has been the first coup in terms of Tablet by Google. In cooperation with the manufacturer of ASUS, Google has developed a tablet running with Android unchanged and still in terms of price in relation to the performance can set standards. Also the new model 2013, which yesterday (24.07.13) was introduced, to serve again exactly this market: whether the new model of the Google can compete with nexus 7 using the old model from 2012 and whether a switch is worth, you can learn more of course with us.


What has remained the same at first so? It is the form factor: the new model of the nexus 7 sees the old Tablet confusingly similar. Only a few small details were changed in the already successful nexus 7. So the display frame on the sides has become narrower and the back is no longer a corrugated plastic, but with a soft non-slip material covered, so that the model 2013 of the nexus better in the hand than its predecessor. It is also with 290 g of even easier than its already light predecessor (340 g) and somewhat flat (8, 65 mm instead of 10, 45mm). The innovations in the technology of the tablets, incidentally, again produced by ASUS, I would like to present you in detail below but are much more interesting.


Factor 1.8: so quickly is new Nexus model 2013

the sheer computing power of the new Nexus 7 tablets should be according to Google about 1.8 times as fast as the old nexus 7. The new technical framework of the tablets is responsible for it. A chipset from Qualcomm is used instead of the now obsolete NVIDIA Tegra 3 chip set of that long-time in the old nexus,.

The Snapdragon S4 Pro is one of the faster chip sets currently and Z is installed, for example in the Sony Xperia Tablet we extensively reported that only recently have (here of the article). Still, Comes with the latest high-end Smartphones (E.g. Snapdragon 600 in the HTC one) the integrated 1.5 GHz quad-core with not quite. That is totally fine, finally Google is located as well as the model nexus 7 2013 2012 rather in the area of the middle class and the performance is really more than sufficient. This rest does the integrated Adreno 320 graphics unit (GPU) and the 2 gb large memory (the old nexus had only a gigabyte).

Display: full-HD in the smallest space

Full-HD display with Smartphones are now in the high-end area already standard (E.g. Samsung Galaxy S4 or Sony Xperia Z). The displays are actually no longer useful, because no increase in quality in terms of sharpness to the eye is visible from about 300 DPI – Apple has this standard with the introduction of the Apple iPhone 4 advertising “ retina display ” named. At small tablets à la Apple iPad mini has this standard has still not really can prevail. Both the old Google nexus 7 model 2012 than current Samsung tablets (E.g. Samsung Galaxy tab 3 8.0) put on resolutions of 1280 × 720 pixels. There are just over 7 ″ display diagonal really crisp yet not reached sharp area, for example, pixel 7 result 1280 × 720 ″ diagonal “ only ” 210 DPI. This is quite sharp, but still far from 300 DPI.

Now seems wave but the full HD to grab even the small tablets, because the Google nexus 7 2013 will model again part pushing this trend. It has on its 7 ″ diagonal rich 1920 × 1200 pixels, i.e. 323 DPI and therefore the “ retina hurdle ” packed. This tablet competition will put powerful pressure. With regard to Apple, I would say that the Apple iPad mini has now almost forcibly get higher resolution, otherwise the next generation with 162 DPI looks (1024 × 768 to 7.9 ″ diagonal) literally old from next to the crisp sharp IPS display of the Google nexus 7

Equipment and connectivity

Cameras are at tablets naturally because of their size just a “ nice to have ”, so nexus 7 is installed even when the Google model 2013 no special camera, but is a very solid snapshot camera with 5 megapixels (back) and one for video calling and self-portraits 1.2 megapixel (front). This must be said however that the rear-view camera can be described as a novelty, because the old nexus 7 by 2012 had built only a front-facing camera. The memory that the Google 7 2013 is once again not extensible nexus, the tablet should but with 16 gb or optional 32 gb large memory come. The battery has shrunk to 3950 mAh (instead of 4325 mAh) by the way, the Google 2013 should hang in there but still a bit longer model nexus 7 than the old version (approximately 10 hours surfing in Wi-Fi). Also the Google supports nexus 7 2013 the wireless-standard loading “ Qi ”.

In terms of wireless connections, even the old model of the Google nexus 7 was pretty good. Here LTE mobile wireless connectivity was supplemented in the 2013 model befitting, but only optional with an extra charge for the 32 gb version of the Google tablet. The standard 802 is also Wi-Fi new 11a in the 5 GHz frequency band here), A-GPS, NFC and Bluetooth 4.0 is available. As a port, mini-USB is available.

Software with surprises: 4.3 Android and Google Chromecast

, In-house units are Google’s course for the supply of fresh updates virtually firsthand. This by the way still applies to the old nexus Tablet: also the nexus 7 from 2012 will continue to quickly supplied with updates and heard alone therefore to the old iron. On the Google nexus 7 model 2013 installed Android version 4.3 has some class changes. Different user profiles are what users have long wanted, (similar to Windows 8 PCs), where every user can make individual settings. So a tablet can be used more comfortable by many users, and thus, the Tablet is also family-friendly: E.g. the establishment of a separate accounts for children, appropriate games and learning apps be installed on the is possible.


In addition, there are still some small changes that are likely to be less interesting for the majority of users in Germany. A Stromsparprofil is supported for Bluetooth, to conserve battery power, it is a new DRM profile (“ digital rights management ”) introduced the streaming to enable services (Netflix starts) and OpenGL’s to 3.0 allow for better 3D graphics.

Google on your TV: “ Google Chromecast ”

Was presented the next surprise that has actually not directly with the new Google to do nexus 7, but yesterday with: it’s a black stick, which is equipped with an HDMI connector. At first glance, you’d think it was a USB stick, is behind the nondescript plastic part but much more: the HDMI-stick is called “ Google Chromecast ” and is basically nothing more than a mini computer that runs with Smartphone hardware. The idea is simple and direct competitor to the famous Apple TV. With the stick (also with the Apple iPhone) Internet content on TV can be via Smartphone.

This receives Google Chromecast in principle only a link and play the content from the network. So there is no direct communication about this addition, this leaves with 35,-US $ very cheap product even further back behind the possibilities of competition. Who would like to see, for example, photos on his TV, is to rely on them before upload on Google +.

Conclusion, availability and price

That model 2013 makes Google nexus 7 all right, even if hardware enthusiasts do not in the now slightly dusty processor Snapdragon S4 Pro. Also the indication of the performance by a factor of 1.8 is relative, because: the device will compensate for quasi again this computing power in most application scenarios for the opinion of the full HD display, so I think, the performance differences in everyday life between Google model 2012 and 2013 will be marginal and in everyday life not noticeable nexus 7 – at least when it comes to 3D games or the like.


Criticism but is at a very high level, when you consider that the hardware (especially the display!) to a predatory pricing is squandered: only 229 US $ (approximately €175) will cost the Google nexus 7 in the basic version with 16 gb memory and without mobile phone. In the face of the display and the equipment really top. The Google nexus 7 model 2013 should available in the United States from July 30, 2013 be. When the Tablet comes after Germany, is currently not known. We expect but with a release in August.

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