Cheap and carefree surfing: E-plus makes Vybemobile ’ s possible!

High costs hold many cell phone users by the use of the Internet. While phoning and writing SMS messages belong to the everyday life of mobile phone users, the proportion of those who use the Internet with your mobile phone is very small. And also the trend in this area speaks a similar language: by those who were not with the mobile Internet, but at the same time an Internet-enabled phone have only a few percent want to use the Internet in the coming half-year. Reason are usually too high costs: it must be so?

Most of these users have fear of the costs that may arise from the use of the Internet. Actually, there are also many fares that are in principle not suitable to hassle-free surfing with your mobile phone. We recommend that if you want to actually use the Internet to book a flat tariff.

No Internet flat? Carefree surfing looks different …

you know how it was, at that time? A few years ago, they chose a still using 56 k modem with the typical select sound on the Internet. At that time was charged per minute. Just not too long surf the Internet, it said. At the time that maybe not so hard, but now the Internet is always available, that which actually also mobile should refrain from not so of course via flat rate.

Why so no Internet flat rate, also at home? The benefits of change are, as then, clearly obvious! As a result you need have amounts of data at a glance, nor the time spend in the Internet with your mobile phone. This is also a problem with the use of a tariff, which includes no Internet flat. How should I check how long I was on the Internet through the month? Or how do I check how many megabytes I have loaded data? Long time not all phones log this data with – and if you do, you forget to look up. These are all problems which almost ruled out a really carefree use of the Internet with the mobile phone.

It is also cheap: E-plus Vybemobile for 15,-€ per month

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the benefits need to use a data flat, lay the table. 15,-€ suffice in the month (or 25,-€ with mobile)! It is not only the data flat included, but also a SMS flat rate within the E-Plus on Vybemobile fares E-plus network. In addition there is to do this every month free 10 music downloads!

Continue you come away too cheap for SMS and calls: both the SMS and the minute costs just €0.10 per minute. Is this not an offer? See the rate sometime during bridgat at – our recommendation for worry-free, cheap surfing.

Technical barriers

About every third Smartphone user uses the Internet. Owners of normal Internet-enabled mobile phones, only one out of five is en route mobile network. Must it be so? Normal mobile phones are now good for the mobile Internet. You can normally get emails, viewing texts on the Internet.

Many pages are even now available in a mobile optimized version, you can represent most of the time on each model. These sites have even your own domain (.mobi)!

With the Smartphone one is possible better representation and a more comfortable surfing, who uses only simple functions and expected Fireworks, no Internet Multimedia copes well with a normal mobile phone. If you come on the taste and are looking for an Internet-enabled phone, there we can remedy Vybemobile fare in conjunction with the E-plus. 10,-€ surcharge per month available from us fare a current phone do this!