Cheap LTE Smartphones: HTC one SV and LG Optimus F5

Smartphone with LTE are expensive? By due to: HTC makes it with the HTC one SV and LG sets up a competitive LTE cars with Android with the Optimus F5. The two smartphones are advertised with their LTE capabilities differentiate them even by some high-end smartphones of the past generation, advertised. But what use are the cheap LTE smartphones? You need fast Internet via LTE make significant cuts in other areas and which is the better of the two cheap LTE smartphones?


To the LG Optimus F5: the cheap Smartphone is the newer of the two and was introduced to fresh. With 4.3 ″ (resolution 960 × 520 pixels) diagonal is smaller than most high-end smartphones and the pixel density is considerably smaller (256 DPI), but with his rival HTC one SV on a height, even a still smaller resolution (800 × 480 pixels) the Android Smartphone. Thanks to the Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 plus dual core processor with 1.2 GHz and 1 gb memory Android runs smoothly, in the version 4.1.2 for complex 3D games are the reserves but limited. Criticism must insert the LG Optimus F5 for the weak troubled 5 Megpixel camera (without LED flash), revealed significant weaknesses in low-light conditions. The 8 gb internal memory can be expanded via Microsd card. Processing and design are nothing special on the LG Optimus F5, the Smartphone with LTE is very solid, but no catcher of à la HTC one.


HTC one SV: from the last HTC generation, but with LTE

the competitor HTC one SV dates back to the generation before the resounding success of the HTC one. Even if the case of the HTC one SV plastic is, it is thanks to Matt sown on the back significantly better and grippier as the LG Optimus F5. The 4.3 ″ display is unfortunately not more timely resolved with 800 × 480 pixels (217 DPI). Processor-technical both do nothing yourself: 1.2 GHz dual-core (Snapdragon S4 plus) are also at the HTC one SV. Also the 5 megapixel camera does not belong to the highlights of the HTC LTE smartphones, has installed but in contrast to the LG Optimus F5, after all, an LED light. In the internal memory, there are also 8 gb card can be expanded via Microsd.

HTC one SV vs. LG Optimus F5: which is the better LTE Smartphone?

A clear winner can not make up for the two low-LTE Smartphones: who wants something better processing and battery life, pick up the HTC one SV. But currently, I would prefer the LG Optimus F5 alone due to the higher display resolution. Don’t forget: if want your high-speed Internet via LTE, that is tariff only with a proper LTE. Here the Telecom and Vodafone are a hot battle for the best LTE network; E-Plus has also the possibility to offer LTE, is present but not with own LTE tariffs. It also worth reading our knowledge article to the next standard LTE-A: what is LTE-A?

Who would like to spend some more, can be viewed alternatively the beginning of August-upcoming Samsung Galaxy ACE 3. The mid-range smartphone from Samsung is a 4 ″ HD display (1280 × 720 pixels) and therefore, at least in terms of display again a class higher. It is also with LTE equipped and one of our recommendations, when it comes to really cheap LTE smartphones. As always applies to both Smartphones: you let us inform you gladly, if they are available in the bridgat shop. To do this simply click on the article page of the Smartphones and there on “ notification when available ”. You receive an email as soon as the Smartphones are available then from us free of charge and without obligation.