Habits that Should Improved to a Good Night’s Sleep

To get a good night’s sleep is necessary to often promote a real change of habits in life. Some corrections of behaviors reflect directly on sleep quality, increasing the sense of well-being, mood and the mood the next day. The benefits of a good night’s sleep are so evident that it’s worth the challenge to improve some daily habits.

See the main recommendations:

Ideal environment for sleep: the bedroom should be organized, clean, with friendly staffs bedding, without electronic equipment and without the accumulation of objects. It is ideal to have a dark and airy space with plenty of silence. Make the change of bed linen regularly and do not use the room as a mess hall, taking groceries to your bed. Make a real clean up to leave the room nice and clean is the first step to a good night’s sleep.

Power supply: care to improve the quality of sleep, choose meals and light foods before bed. Avoid stimulants caffeine and Guarana in the night.

Start practicing sports: physical activity is a great medicine to improve the quality of life in General. Of course, if you are sedentary have impaired sleep, and when you start practicing sport, you’re going to sleep better. Some physical activities usually leave the body more excited, getting in the way of relaxation for a few hours. The ideal is to practice sport 5 hours before bedtime.

Listen to music or do a reading: some forms of entertainment tend to cause the arrival of sleep, as calm and relaxing music and have a book or a magazine to keep your eyes relaxed while you are lying down. Music and reading are true sleeping pills for many people.

Natural Tranquilizers: some plants can be served like tea to help relaxing before bed. Chamomile, valerian and lemon balm are great choices.

Time to sleep and wake up: have time to lie down on the bed and go asleep every day. Also have the time to wake up. The rule also applies to the weekend.So, your body gets used to the hours of rest.

Don’t take a shower too hot before bed: the shower before I go to bed should be with warm water, to relax. Very hot bath increases the dilation and the beginning of sleep.

Never sleep with hunger: the suggestion is to get snacks before bed, but I never go to bed hungry. If your stomach is growling, you will hardly be able to fall asleep.

Good thoughts: When you’re getting ready for bed, get some good memories, happy things and leave the problems for later. After all, you will need to rest very well to be able to resolve all the problems of your life with peace of mind and will.

Bed place for sleep: do not use the Bed for work, games, meals and other activities other than sleep.

Clothes to sleep in: has a short Pajamas or pyjamas long comfortable, that you find on the website of Pajamas For You to both sexes.