Haircuts Guides for Round Face

Haircuts for round face should do see less volume in the contours of the face and reduce the appearance of roundness, creating the illusion of a longer face.

Therefore the ideal hairstyles for a round face are which makes the face look long and no wider.

Having a round face has a big advantage over long or oval faces and round faces are sweeter and appear to be younger… The key to make a haircut in a round face look spectacular is to give height for styling. Here at you can get more hairstyles models. Best haircuts for this purpose are the cuts with very high layers on top.

The fringe is well suited to all different types of faces, but for a round face the bangs should be long and coarse or thick, preferably covering the eyebrows.

Then we give some tips and advice so that you use it according to the type of hair you have:

1. Round Face Short And Straight Hair Cuts:

Short and straight hair looks good in the expensive round. The importance of this haircut is to keep always straight hair, as you avoid this haircut to increase volume on the sides of the face.

You can choose to leave it completely straight or brush or grilled pulled slightly inward or outward, this shape can vary ever leaving sometimes completely smooth, sometimes with the tips out or sometimes with the tips inward.

If you like blonde hair can opt to get some blonde or Golden Wicks well just above the head (to not to abuse so much hair) or around the whole head. If you have dark hair and do not want to give a sharp change to your look you can opt for a few strands of medium blonde color, you’re testing with a few strands every time and you can gradually increase until you feel comfortable with the new color.

2 Round Face Short And Wavy Hair Cuts

To make your face appear more elongated, your hair cut should be as a minimum on the Chin line, but even better if you are a little below the Chin, if you leave it above Chin will increase over the roundness of the face.

Get the large and loose Goldilocks with large rollers or grilled. If you use rollers get a little mousse on hair.

If you don’t have great hurry and do not want to punish the hair dryer or iron, you can opt for Ponte a little mousse on hair, stand rollers and allow to dry hair in the open air. your hair will thank you and the waves will look more natural.

3 Round Face Hair Semi-Long And Straight Cuts

This haircut is very similar to the first haircut explained in this article, but a little longer, ideally at least up to the height of the shoulders, but if it is a little longer you estilizarás over your face. This type of hair comes very well to a round face, as the combination between long hair and and optically straight hair lengthen the face.
If you want a little more styling, you can become a fringe to the side or add more layers.

So that the hair is completely smooth, it is advisable to do it with iron, especially if you have wavy or curly hair.

4 Round Face Hair Long And Wavy Haircuts

If you are lucky enough to have your wavy hair, you can opt to let you grow a little more down the shoulders, but if you do not have very long hair extensions you can get, today’s hair extensions are very popular.

If you don’t want to wear them every day, you can choose to remove and replace extensions.

Whether you have your long hair or you get post extensions, it is ideal to give him some natural waves, esto can do you by putting a bit of mousse to hair and dry it with a dryer while you squeeze them with your hands to give shape to the waves. If you prefer you can put large rollers while you dry it with a dryer.