Cell phone skins – the second skin for your mobile phone

, The first wave of mobile phone customization is already long gone and decorating with Rhinestones has also not prevailed. A new trend has been there better chances: cell phone skins are skins that stick up like a second skin on the phone let.

Like remembered reluctant

that been as mobile phone shells in the trend. At each station, on each road stand there to buy colourful plastic monsters in the outlandish colors and patterns. They tried the still missing color display by colourful deflection maneuver to hide. This trend eventually ebbed and disappeared almost completely from public life.

Now you made is something new: cell phone skins should be the latest trend and decorate our cell phones in the future. For this, it is not his housing außereinandernehmen, but just for his model to choose the right film. Can select from from the different categories. In addition to patterns you can stick brand logos, quotes or famous paintings on the phone. Who wants to have a personal, himself designed his film yourself online. If the film meet at some point no longer its own taste, she can be removed easily and without leaving any residue.

But not everyone has such an ugly phone, that he must beautify skins with mobile. Many consumers put more and more in addition to the technical equipment value on the look of the phone. Designhandys are therefore increasingly popular and conventional mobile phones set to elegance. Women interested in this very red, pink, beige or pink tones and choose their favorite color while the men are addressed rather black or silver items.  For women are small, handy folding mobile phones or slider with good music or camera function important as the LG Prada 2, Sony Ericsson W595, or the Sony Ericsson W508, while men more on the technical equipment and the touch screen look like the HTC Touch Diamond 2, HTC Touch Pro 2 or Nokia N97 which of them are primarily purchased.

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