Handyblog by 24mobile.de – now also available in the mobile version

You are interested in the latest information from the current cell phone market or you want to be informed anytime, anywhere via special fare promotions? Then you can access with your mobile phone from on the road on our blog. We’ve included just a mobile version. Depending on the needs you can toggle via a switch to change from the conventional Web view on the mobile screen.

First impression

I have already tested on my Apple iPod this function and I am thrilled. The title of the article and the publication date can be read immediately. A short click on the title opens the article as a whole now. You can see also the integrated photos etc continue. Because as they say: “ a picture is worth a thousand words ”. So many words not needed I previously though, but make yourself like a picture based on an image!

Web view phone view

Handyblog – choice opinion

on the left side you see our Handyblog in usual Web view on an Apple iPod. On the right side of the same blog but in the mobile view. As you can well see the overview is much better, because of course this view is optimized for mobile devices. Via a small switch at the bottom of the blog you can when necessary between the types of views switch. You have the choice!

With us, you are always well informed. Whether it be current mobile phones or top rates, also useful information in the field of mobile phone and mobile Internet you find in the Handyblog by bridgat.com. Look nevertheless simply times back in, now also from your mobile phone.

Knowledge article Overview:

Which phones are?

Basically, you can surf with almost all modern mobile phones on the mobile Internet. Recommend we would but a modern touchscreen Smartphone with a large display. In addition we recommend a tariff with data option, or equal to a mobile phone contract with unlimited data (surf & phone) relaxed browsing. Look around but like bridgat.com mobile shop and choose combination the best rate / mobile. Combine in our mixer and make your special bargain.

Current mobile recommendations for mobile Internet

We have specially for the use of mobile phones on the Internet mobile to create a category: Web phones. Own all these phones are very good for this use. You want a recommendation? Then you look at but likes the Samsung S8000 Jet is. Also the Nokia N97 is a real recommendation, especially for users who want to write lots of E-Mails in addition. Both phones you can purchase of course with us, whatever to 0 euros with a protective tariff, in this case even with a phone & surf flat rate.