Mobile photography with geotagging

With GPS you can navigate more or less well with the phone. So far so good. What is less known, like the GPS module can still be used, for photography. Like that? You can display your vacation route, represent sightseeing routes or you know just quite sure by the place where the photo was created: on Mallorca or Ibiza – in your new home or old.

When using a GPS enabled cell phone a photo will shoot you the GPS coordinate associated with the photo. This process is called geotagging. Not all GPS enabled phones offer this possibility, but almost all. So you can upload as your vacation pictures in Google Picasa and show them using Google maps in the correct place.

Geotagging has become increasingly popular. The exact number of Geotagging users can only be estimated. There are many millions of photos with geodata on the photo website Flickr. Most popular platform is Google Maps display the location. The Nokia platform Ovi you can use the Geo-coded photos also other users E.g. also for a target directions available.

Is actually relatively boring photos without geotagging. A detailed application will be certainly the following: searching in Google for photos eg of the Haller str. 20146 Hamburg because you want to see where bridgat has his Office. All users who have taken photos with geotagging and somewhere in the Internet have released this, Google will find and display. If you have not yet used photography with geotagging will certainly inspire be!

An example of Geotagging on Flickr

A selection of phones with geotagging function:
-SonyEricsson W995
-Sony Ericsson C702
-Sony Ericsson C905
-Nokia N78
-Nokia N86
-Nokia N96
-Nokia N97
-Nokia 6210 Navigator
-Nokia 6220 classic
-Nokia 5800 Xpress music (after software update)
-Garmin Nuvifone
-Samsung SGH-i900 Omnia
-Samsung S8300 ultra touch
-Samsung M8800 Pixon
-Samsung I7110 pilot
-Samsung Pixon12 M8910
-Samsung Omnia HD i8910
(not complete list)


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