Happy birthday Walkman! 30 years on the road music in the ear

On July 1, 1979, was the first Sony Walkman in the market and triggered a groundbreaking revolution of hearing culture. Nowadays, music listening people with portable devices from the public are no longer indispensable. Initiated everything has one: the Walkman

“ TPS-L2 ″ was the first Walkman and was a sensation. Almost silent for the environment for music listening and it also still on the road, had been previously unimaginable. This invention broke new ground and became a cult – status object of youth.  However, especially older people were more skeptical about the. Before hearing damage and in particular warned loneliness, because with the Walkman the trappings could be one: his music, his own soundtrack to the action, and that was all on its own. After a month, the 30,000 copies of the TPS-L2 were sold out.

Stylish 80s years Walkman

What was vilified by the skeptics, created unprecedented opportunities for young people. Secretly listen to music and the right out loud with their homework or school songs at once feasible and peruse the censorship of parents as regards for her offensive was almost impossible. The relation to music was personal, close, because you could have his favorite artists almost always and everywhere.

Typical 90 years Walkman

The headphones were not

but really quiet. A clanking Geräuschkullisse that hint at the title only real connoisseurs had penetrated to the outside world. To the annoyance of not Walkman supporters in buses, cars and bus shelters. Walkman bans were the logical consequence of this. But even that could not slow down the euphoria. The technique has been refined and Dolby sound, AutoReverse, splash water protection or Mega Bass were added to rudimentary functions. Ten years later it went 50 millionth already device over the counter. in 1995, Sony had sold entire 150 million devices.

Walkman CD Player

The technology changed, the cassette has been overhauled. Portable music players gabs it but for any new-style music player media, CD, MD or Mp3. Nowadays, the music for on the go not more is to think away from public life. Everywhere you can see between ears and hair all ages outburst Earplugs. Isolated does not.  Sony Ericsson has with the Walkman phone live on the myth and somewhere it’s sometimes as in the beginning, when it is used from the last row of the bus from creaking mobile loudspeakers with the latest hip hop hits. But who that cares can confidently put his own headphones in your ear and systems for themselves. “ I was made for lovin ’ you baby ”, sang KISS 1979 and somewhere the concept has survived unscathed Walkman generations and trends.

The first Walkman phone was still in self-compositions white orange held by the way the W800. The Sony Ericsson walkman series has become a great success.

The first Walman mobile W800

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