Hexagonal Wall Clock 2016

Use the mechanism of the old clock to create an object with a new look and a pinch of playfulness. For workmanship you can take cardboard and multicolored fabric, you can use the remaining pieces of other items. The clock consists of parts with hexagonal shape, which you can combine as you wish, use desired number and arrange them as you want.

Necessary Materials:

Cardboard – pieces of fabric – model knife – scissors – mechanism clock – glue.


1. Remove and resize scheme shestogalnitsite, drop them on a printer and cut them out with scissors. Use the paper template to cut some cardboard hexagons desired size. In the shown MIGHT used 19 units, but can be of dial will form less or more portions of desired size.

2. Put a cardboard pieces on the wrong side of the piece of tissue. Outline contour turning 6 mm tolerance. Cut lines outlined in the tissue.

3. Glue pinch the bottom side of the carton the tissue by placing a few small dots of adhesive on the periphery. Squeeze the tissue to harden the adhesive. In the corner pieces fold tissue to pinch the entire periphery.

4. Put the hexagonal parts to one another so as to abut on the sides. Put some glue on overhead lines and push to toughen the adhesive. Attach all hexagonal parts in the desired way.

5. With model knife cut in the center of one of the forms hole to insert the upper part of the mechanism so as to pinch the clock. Extend the hole gradually so as not to be too wide for acute part on which are mounted arrow mechanism.

6. Of cardboard you can cut a few rectangles to fortify the better parts of the face from the back side. Attach them with glue on the periphery of the clock to capture the center. This is necessary if the mechanism is too heavy and you think that the adhesive will not be able to support the weight.

7. Install mechanism and set the wall clock. See more instructions on phoenixwallclocks.

8. Include batteries, set the time and hang on the wall clock.