Hi Chip – How Long for Your Hi Number to Stay Active?

When buying a Hi-chip at a Histore, there is a deadline for your Hi number to become active. This article talks a little about this.

Hi Chip – How Long for Your Hi Number to Stay Active?

This week I left a plan Hi Company for a plan Hello Talk. I found extremely bureaucratic the procedures for transferring my business Hi number to my CPF and I ended up giving up. I’m sure the contracts are done exactly for this purpose. If the company opted to release the number Oi for me, they would have to renew the contract, adjusting to the new plans currently in force and again entering into a 12-month loyalty agreement. That Oi advertisement that said something like “you just stay if you want” makes no sense at all. Almost everything that looks attractive in contracts and promotions from Oihas some hidden fidelity. Just read the little letters in the contract for you to understand why there are several “I hate Oi” communities.

When I went to the Oi store to buy a new chip to be free of the business number, the salesman would only tell me the basics about each plan. Everything else I asked had a hidden “detail” that he never mentioned. I came at some point to question, “Is there anything else I need to know that you did not mention?” The service was not good and I spent a lot of time to choose the plan to join the points and understand in which stores the most wrong information was passed.

The most wrong information I received was the one that motivated this article. The clerk said that the number would be active immediately, after he made the registration in the system. When I agreed to pay and he had already received the money and I passed the chip, then yes he informed me that it would take from 3 to 24 hours to start working for calls and up to 48 hours to run the internet connection.

Ahh … and unlike the advertisement, I only have 3G internet promotion if I get tied up in Hi for a year! Hi, it does not tire of surpreeender!

And for those who are wondering, “If you do not like the poor quality of the telephony Hi service because still with her?” My main contacts I talk much has hi chips and therefore the money ends up being better for these cases. Just this.

If you have cases to tell about Oi, leave a comment telling your story. And if you have some happy history, better yet!