Horror Alice in Wonderland – Halloween Makeup & styling

Since today is Halloween, I decided even in the short term, to introduce my this year’s costume as horror Alice. I’m a fan of them at Halloween in their nightmare versions implement LLC. According to the moth: the cuter the original version, the better the Horroversion 

This concept is about Alice in Wonderland even others invaded (why just?), which equal a Computer game have made of it. This is called “American Mc Gees Alice” and appeared in 2000. And because Alice was so successful in the Madhouse, gabs then part 2 “Alice: madness returns” in 2011 on top. “Alice: madness returns” was also for the consoles X Box and play station, which the costume of this horror Alice really has become known and as a Halloween costume as described in ListOfUSNewspapers.com or for cosplay is been produced in large quantities. To buy as a finished and often pretty cheap made costume, I think however unkreativ and boring and of course… expensive! I have much better ideas for you:

Horror Alice costume

My costume for horror Alice, as can be easily seen, is modeled on the original Alice in Wonderland.

I bought the light blue dress for 3 euros on ebay. Originally, it had long sleeves, which I have cut off and fashioned with elastic puff sleeves. I have sewn the lace that comes from the flea market and hung on a hideous blouse in a country house style, which I received without to haggle for 2 euro.

The petticoat is actually a dress and four years ago, was still an important part of a wedding dress in the 80s style, which I cover as a zombie bride also had bought for my Halloween 5 years ago on ebay.

The apron is also from ebay, cost €13 uro and was a real bidding battle. Although properly old and worked great, but who buys expect so a bumper? I don’t know who’s here has offered to…

The white knee socks are from Primark, I think 4 euros and the shoes are College had pumps from Zara, I stand in the shoe rack.

Horror Alice makeup

Now we come to the interesting part, namely the make-up of horror Alice.

The primer is Kryolan supra color complexion makeup shade 285. cost 7.50 euro. You can get in the Internet, I bought it as a Berliner directly in the business of Kryolan Uhlandstrae. Great shop  the color is an off white to very well for a Geisha make-up can use. Please do not use this white Carnival  makeup from the drugstore for a make-up. With the stuff you messed up you your face.

From powdered I have the whole thing with white powder of Kryolan professional. There, you can go with your brightest normal powder over it.

Rouge in Pink Pink and very much. Rouge orgy!

I’ve drawn the eyebrows like swinging at a doll and pretty over the top with a black eyebrow pencil.

For the eyes I made actually pretty little in terms of eye shadow. Under the eyebrows, white eye shadow is to hide my own eyebrows even more. The eye is a pink tone eye wear and with know blinded and the eye contour is drawn up with black eye shadow.

Most striking is that I pair false eyelashes carry two and both top and bottom. The eyelashes are below normal false eyelashes for above, which I have pasted below.

In the inner eyelid, white eye liner is to visually enlarge the eye.

Lipstick in pink is rimmed with black eyeliner and spread in the mouth, so that the mouth is something puppenhafter.

Horror Alice effects

Horror Alice’s wounds in the face are really scary. The wounds and the seams that are fully painted and have a certain comic-like off marriages, what I find totally cool. Uses I have for this Aqua easy creative colors of Jofrika cosmetics. This is so a real Malta for the face painting with 8-based, water-soluble colors and costs 9 euros.

From the paint box I needed only the three colors red, white and black. Also, I have been using an eyeliner brush and not the brush of the paint box. I absolutely recommend a good and fine brush!

First, it draws the outline of the wound in black and fills it out then with red. Then you put on it a cosmetic towel, to dry the painting and painted the seams with white paint. Black surround back beauty cloth over it and the seams. If it has dropped here, that is not bad, just dry and paint over. Overall really really fast and easy to implement!

The makeup and the look of horror Alice is of course only really creepy by blood. I around the eyes and the mouth spread and partly down to run.

And I have edited the apron with blood in the bathtub. Bah, it’s a mess. Nice clean, not that anyone thinks that you are mistaken and have the neighborhood kid in your bathtub slaughtered…