How to Budget for a Camping Trip

Going on holiday often returns to break the piggy bank to offer a few days of total relaxation! After months and months of savings, it would be stupid to spend your little nest egg for-all. So to better manage your savings, set initially your budget! Here are the expenses to take into account in assessing your campsite budget closer!

Cooking at Sunset Tent Camping Lone Rock Lake Powell

The campsite: Beware of extra charges!

Accommodation is the expenditure that weighs heaviest in the holiday budget. Once the chosen destination, we must open our eyes to accurately determine the actual price of your stay! Although some campsites offer packages like “pitch + tent + 2”, the additional costs are legion:

• Additional person: you do not just rent a location but also the right of access to infrastructure: toilets, pool, etc. . The more you are, the more you pay! Rates are however different for children and adults.
• Visitor: you have family or friends about your holiday and you want to invite them to spend the day with you? The visitors (not staying to sleep) must also go to the checkout to enjoy the facilities of the campsite. And staff to the eye to spot the fraudsters.
• Electrical connection Access: to connect a fridge or radio, you must pay a fee to access. Some campsites will charge actual consumption, others will offer you a package for a week. You can also rent the equipment on site.
• Tourist tax: imposed by some cities in July and August, it varies between € 0.20 and € 0.55 per day per person, depending on the category camping. This tax also applies to hotels. It does not apply to children under 13 years.
• Additional vehicle: if you go with several vehicles, camping may ask you to pay extra for parking, entry badge, etc.
• Access activities: all activities are not necessarily in a free campsite. It is common to have to pay rent for the tennis courts or rent a net to play table tennis. These are small expenses that can quickly tell the difference if your kids are addicted to the little yellow ball.
• Pets: we will not give up dog to its fate during the holidays, it is part of the family! So it is natural that he will join us. Beware, some campsites refuse pets, but in general they agree against an additional amount (of course!). Remember your pet’s health book , it will be required for it to enter the campsite.

Not to make you have a little extra spending, always ask for a quote indicating the real and final amount to be paid for your stay before you commit. To confirm your reservation, you will pay the deposit. They rise in general 30% of total stay. This amount shall be forfeited to the campsite in case of cancellation (based on contract terms), it is better to be absolutely certain!

Car, plane or train to take me safely?

Jams on the highway, noisy train or crowded airport lobby, the transport is not the most enjoyable vacation. Whether you are away, or right next to you, a means of transport may be more advantageous than another. The car, train or plane, the rates are not the same, we must compare them before rushing headlong.

To get the best price flight or train ticket, you better it take early or conversely very late, but while there, there is no guarantee of having the place. It would be a shame to reserve a place in a camp and not be able to get there for lack of means of transport! Feel free to search barter sites, you may get lucky. Fear of being stuck once there? Opt for car rental in addition!

By car, do not forget to add to gasoline, tolls, but also the car’s maintenance costs, as it will probably have to go through the parking box to avoid disappointment. Most sites to calculate your route offer the opportunity to assess the rate of tolls and gasoline depending on the car model costs. You found an interesting place to vacation? Calculate on transportation costs to avoid unpleasant surprises to 3 days before departure!

The food: even on vacation, I do my budget!

“We’re on vacation, we’ll have fun” The food budget is probably the most difficult to keep.Restaurants, ice cream, cakes and other delicacies … Euro after Euro wallet empties quickly!

To not be fooled, it is more prudent to impose some simple rules: never go to a restaurant for lunch but prefer friendly picnics, agree occasionally splurge (budgeted) in a small glacier or even at the campsite restaurant! The kitchen should not become a chore on vacation anyway! By involving everyone, you turn it into a good time.

On vacation, we often favors quickly made races shapely races: after all, the sun awaits us, we will therefore not spend our time pushing a trolley! Small shops in tourist areas are often more expensive than your usual store. If you have a little space in your car or in your bag, take some basic provisions such as a packet of pasta, tomato sauce, a bottle of milk, etc. This will prevent you from running the restaurant upon arrival but also to buy the products you already have at home. (And you might take home at the end of holiday: jam, salt, pepper, etc.)

N ‘not hesitate to calculate the number of meals you have to cook on site, make your shopping listbased, and to raise the necessary codes. There are no complex to have, not to find yourself lacking for the coming school year, be sure to follow these tips!

Paying activities… to please everyone by reducing costs

Changing area, we necessarily want to explore the area. Museums, amusement parks, historical monuments, it is often the expenses that come without warning be added to the holiday budget.But you can easily anticipate.

Have a look at the websites of places or activities you have identified. You can get rates, sometimes even coupons or information about special events giving rise to free access to certain dates. To save time, have a phone call to the tourist office of your city vacation and do you send all documentation. The key is to know in advance the price and whether it comes or not in your budget. This will prevent you from moving for nothing.

Some campsites are equipped with a swimming pool, a tennis court, petanque and / or a nightclub, access to which must be included in the price, so why deprive! If you need a cheap camping mat, you can check bridgat.

We do not improvise camper … I’m leaving well equipped for cheap

Whether you choose the comfort of a mobile home, the practical side of a caravan or the charm of the tent, you will probably not be the same amount to pay to equip you. Before running into the nearest sports store to you to give you the panoply of the perfect little camper, question your friends and family to see if you could not borrow a tent, a few sleeping bags and other stoves.That’s something saved up! Otherwise, you can either try your luck at garage sales, acquire it in a barter or invest in new (but then, we will have profitable by returning to camp next year! )

To avoid surprises, take inventory of all these expenses in a summary table. You will have a good idea of ​​what will cost you your holiday! Gulp … he’ll have to start saving … but at least we know where we’re going!