How to Buy a Pearl Bracelet

Pearls bring history and traditions is not always equal which vary from country to country. One of the best known pearl bracelets is to Bridgat that 11 July 1893 gave the first cultured pearl. Always the pearls adorn the wrists of the most powerful women and famous of the Earth.

Legend has it that Japanese are the result of falls in the sea Moon drops with the purpose to adorn women’s bodies giving elegance and beauty.
In Rome they were considered the fruit of love dedicated to the goddess Venus which in addition to being the goddess of beauty so was love and fruitfulness.

How to Buy a Pearl Bracelet

In 1900, instead it was believed that these little treasures were born on nights with a full moon from the dew. They are never out of fashion except for short periods, returning to prominence stronger than before. Pearl bracelets can have different frames, it starts from the classic single strand to that double or triple.

Pearls, in particular the pearl bracelets are a jewel of noble origin known in all the world

In the 1930s were a real must worn on upper-class ladies long black gloves. Over time these bracelets have assumed different shapes and sizes. Often together with gold and silver pendants or pearls are alternated with semi precious stones. They are a perfect classic gift for an engagement or for eighteen years. The pearls are considered lucky for all zodiac signs of water like cancer, pisces and scorpio.
The beads used for bracelets can be natural or artificial.

Natural pearls

Pearls in nature arise from random input of a grain of sand in the oyster. This against the grain covers it with layers and layers of nacre, creating with small but beautiful precious marble. This kind of pearls is the most expensive because nowhere to be found, most also has a perfect shape, the more valuable. And that is why if you have an antique bracelet didn’t who are slighted, the probability that the pearls are natural is very high.

Cultured pearls

Cultured pearls are the most use in the field of modern jewelry. They are 100% genuine and for them the rule is of the form, the more perfect more cost.

Sea pearl

The pearl scaramazza is a gem just irregular in shape and not rounded. This type is often used for bracelets. Usually applies on bracelets at a single wire with beads very tiny who put together create an irregularity.

Water pearls

These pearls are real but less valuable, are grown and produced in freshwater.

Majorca pearls

Majorca pearls are synthetic, formed by a compound that contains fish scales, acrylic resin and cellulose where you dipped the glass beads. This is “fake” and are used for the production of Pearl bracelets to medium price range.

Faux pearls

The faux pearls are made of plastic or glass covered with a layer that does look like a pearl. They are used for low end bracelets.