How to Choose Baby Sleeping Bags

How to choose a night bag for your baby?

The safety and well-being your child depends on it.
RED CASTLE helps you make the right choice. Well sleep baby essential rest A few simple rules to follow for his safety.

Breathing for good sleep:
When sleeping, baby must always be lying on his back, the face well clear -he can breathe freely and regulate its body temperature. This position is fundamental in the course of months, as long as he is unable to get back alone in his bed. At the right temperature and using a night bag:
Today, opinions are unanimous: for safety, do not sleep a young child undera duvet or comforter. It is also important to check that the child does not have too hot (*) in his bed and that the room temperature does not exceed 19 ° C if possible.
Health professionals recommend the use of the kid sleeping bag at night (bumpers, gigoteuse) instead of the blankets, comforters and sheets.
These mini sleeping bags today represent the best way to allow baby to
breathing in his sleep. His face is in the open air and in addition it can wriggle free to Discover.(*) Do not rely on his hands, check its temperature, placing your hand on his neck or his stomach. How to choose bag night?
How to dress baby for bedtime?
Depending on the age/size of the child.
Depending on the temperature of his room…

Published the: Friday, may 6, 2011

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