How to Choose Right LED Bulb

How to choose LED bulb?

Luminous flux lamp

How to Choose Right LED Bulb

A very important detail, which indicates how much the bulb that really shines. The more lumens, the greater luminosity. For some ideas, here is a table published by the EU’s official conversion of luminance between the conventional bulbs and LEDs:

Classical lamps with metal fibers LED bulbs

  • 15 W to 90 lm
  • 25 W 200 lm
  • 40 W 400 lm
  • 60 W 700 lm
  • 75 W 900 lm
  • 100 W 1300 lm

(source of these data is the site)

This table is used to create the most important indicator – equivalent to conventional bulbs, which tells you how strong like a light bulb illuminates our LED.

Waterproof class

It is not a major figure, the higher the number, the higher the degree of water resistance. Bathrooms are suitable for use led bulbs with protection degree IP44 or higher.

Equivalent to conventional bulbs

A very important indicator that compares the intensity of the LED bulb with a standard lamp. So if you want to replace a regular light bulb illuminated LED and are happy with how the conventional lit, choose a LED bulb that has this parameter corresponding to the power of the conventional light bulbs. This indicator is quite often overestimated the competition, some sites sell fireflies, which he claims to shine as a 60W incandescent bulb. Someone does not luminous flux LED bulbs, and someone will be able to say that 300L shines like a light bulb 40W. Do not be fooled! When the conversion is necessary to proceed according to the table in Chapter luminous flux of the bulb.

In our webshop you will find led bulbs neatly ordered according to luminance, respectively. equivalent to conventional bulbs.

Color rendering index (CRI)

This is an indicator that measures the reality of colors in the light spectrum of the light source opposite the sun. Expressed in values ​​from 0 to 100 Ra, with the proviso that 0 Raznamená they do not see any color, whereas 100 Ra is sunlight. Various cheap LED bulbs have about 70 Ra, which is a little low. Generally acceptable Ra of 80 or higher. E.g. 80 Ra is a classic conventional fluorescent lamp. To learn more about CRI, we recommend you look article on  Wikipedia .

Dimmable LED bulbs

LED bulbs are inherently dimmable if you want to use them with a dimmer, you need to buy a special dimmable LED bulbs. This applies for LED lamps operating at a voltage 220V. Ice Bulb 12V (socket MR16 / GU5.3 and G4), LED strips, LED modules and LED lighting 12V ​​seamlessly works supplied by us  dimmer.

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