How To Combine A Cardigan

Today I come to talk to you about How to combine a Cardigan. But I do it differently than usual. For some time that he was hovering around me head this teach my looks on the blog.

Although I always renounced the world egobloger, most by insecurity than anything else. In the end I decided to throw me to the pool and begin this new stage in buscandotueStilo what I hope you like.

It has been quite an experience. With many nerves at the beginning. I feel that I have much to learn and I’ll improve with time. I sincerely had an extraordinary help from two great friends: Miriam’s Just for real girls and Macarena of All by myself them have been where I have been giving the push and I have clothed to start my front steps the camera.

I tell a little what you will find here. My idea is to photograph my diary looks so you can take inspiration from how to combine garments as described in jacket matching and adapt trends to your day to day. They are pieces of my wardrobe which I always try to accommodate my needs, my tastes and what most flatters me.

You won’t find the latest super garment trend, nor millions of different plug-ins. Simply because my closet is limited, as I guess is the of any of us. I am in favour of a #armarioresponsable and honestly I think we don’t need 20 pairs of shoes and 50 shirts. How already you have repeated on numerous occasions my motto is “less is more” and this affects the volume of garments that are in my closet.

To start me on this show you my journal looks I have chosen a very simple combination in which the protagonist is this Cardigan purchased recently in Sfera and which while not an extremely flattering garment, to my love.

How To Combine A Cardigan.

This type of long and large jackets are full trend and we have seen them in almost all stores. They are clothes that tend to add volume, either by its structure, woven or as in this case by their pattern.

When in your style you want to include this type of jacket you must take into consideration several things:

Play balance: it is a basic rule of style, if top is wide, the down will close.And vice versa.

Beam that is the protagonist: the best to soften this geometrical pattern is to opt for complement the look with other basic garments. In this case of wardrobe, one very “pegaditos” jeans and a white shirt.

Create verticality with add-ins: use long necklaces helps you to Stylize your figure.

Think about the functionality of the style: the chosen footwear may be that more favors to my figure, but for my daily soil looks flat on many occasions and comfortable footwear. I’m always running and I need comfortable clothes, but with this chic point personally so I like.

You know how heavy that I get with that of getting to work from home. This has been one of the reasons by thought of them teach you what I usually use.

I hope you like this new stage of the blog. I look forward to reading your opinion in the comments.

Thanks for being there!