How to Cure a Caesarean

Nowadays, there are more and more cesarean deliveries . Despite the World Health Organization’s recommendation of a maximum of 15% of cesareans, this number is actually much higher.

How to Cure a Caesarean

Being a surgical procedure, although relatively simple, there are some postoperative care that must be followed in order to promote correct healing of the wound.

Check out how to cure a cesarean section.

Tips on how to cure a cesarean

Tip # 1
In the first 15 days after cesarean section, a lot of rest is needed on the part of the mother, so as not to force the scar wound made during cesarean section.

Tip # 2
During the early times it is necessary to keep the wound clean. For this you should use only soap and water, avoiding any type of product or cream in that area.

Tip # 3
After 15 days to a month, you will begin to do simple day-to-day activities. However, this return should be gradual so as to avoid opening the scar.

Tip # 4
During the healing process of any operation, pain is always a signal that should pay close attention. Thus, after the first 15 days, when the woman begins to return to her usual activities, whenever she feels pain, she should stop immediately. The pain serves to warn you that you are reaching the limit possible at this stage.

Tip # 5
Moderate and proper exercise is essential for your body to recover quickly, but also to help you regain some of your belly’s previous firmness. For this you should start hiking at the end of a month, and abdominal exercises at the end of 2 to 3 months.

Tip # 6
One of the tips on how to cure a caesarean is to avoid exposing the scar to the sun for at least half a year. If you do, your belly may turn dark.

It is important to follow these tips in order to promote a more rapid and correct cesarean section. If the area around the cut is very hot, red, or swollen during the first few days after the operation, or if you have any fluid or you have a fever, you should see a doctor immediately.