How to Decorate Baby Shower Party?

Suggestions for decorating your baby shower

Decorate your baby shower can be much simpler than you think.

Pregnancy is usually something important in the life for every woman; it is a unique and special moment. In addition to all the preparations for the arrival of the baby, many mothers choose to do the so-called baby shower, which is also known as diaper shower.

It is a celebration event where the guests take gifts for the baby to welcome his or her arrival. Just like the bachelorette parties and bachelorette teas, on this occasion, mothers will have a guess before opening the gifts, and dance or take part in fun disputes in several contests.

Baby shower is often organized if mothers want to celebrate the arrival of babies. It’s an event that requires planning, organization and budget. Although it is not essential, the decoration of a baby shower is a way to celebrate the birth of the baby. Organizing by yourself, or enlisting the aid of a loved one or even a pro, there’s no need to panic about the success of the baby shower. It can be adapted according to various needs and budgets.

Baby shower theme

In general, just like the weddings, birthdays or parties, it is recommended that you choose the theme first because everything else will depend on the chosen theme.

Expectant moms can choose more traditional themes. For example, you can use blue for boys, pink for girls, and choose green, yellow or white if you don’t know the sex .

Besides, many mothers choose themes which are related to babies, such as pacifiers, bottles and storks. You can choose any theme for the baby shower, like owls, cartoons and bears, etc. The possibilities are endless and you only need to use the creativity. You can hire a professional to organize your baby shower, but it can also be done at home with their own ideas and models which are free of charge in specialized sites.

Baby shower location

Many places can be hired to do the baby shower, such as a ballroom, a party, a event or a club lounge. However, renting a place is not something mandatory because there are several other options. You can hold it in the office, squares, parks or more commonly, at home.

With a reasonable space inside, like in the living room, or outside, as in a porch or backyard, it is possible to make a celebration without having to add budget to rent a place. For pregnant women, it is also possible to hold it in church halls.

Wherever you hold the baby shower, it is unnecessary to decorate the place too ceremoniously fancy. Most of the time, the decor only needs to focus on the table where the cake, candy and other mementos put, and a background in which the photos are taken. The panel can be made of fabric, with a picture and/or many inflatable balloons. Tables and chairs should match the general theme and other little decorations on the table or on the towels.

Diaper shower cake

In current parties, it is usual that the cake also matches with the decoration of event, and people often hire a professional to design an artistic cakes. But you can also choose naked cakes, which consist of cakes without frosting and decorated with fruits or flowers, and they can be easily reproduced at home.

However, many mothers choose to make the diaper cake, in which disposable diapers are used in a composition, and in the end, it looks like a real cake. You can also choose cupcakes, which are small dumplings that can be decorated or not; cake pops, cake-shaped stick which can also be decorated by lollipops, candies and cookies.

Decorations and party favors for baby shower

Almost all things can be customized according to the theme of the baby shower. It is possible to find tins of candy, cups and plates with various reasons, and don’t need to pay lot of money.

In addition, you can reuse objects that you have at home and turn them into delicate decorations. For example, bottles can be painted and used as a decoration.

To thank the favors given by the guests, you can finish it by yourself without hiring others. But you can also hire a professional to help you make them or buy them at craft sites.

With the expansion of the market, there are more and more specialized articles about party favors, table decorations and decor items. An increasing number of mothers have autonomy to make the baby shower of their dreams. With research and inspiration in other webs, it is always possible to celebrate the arrival of your baby without having to spend too much.