How to Do Waterproof Makeup

Now, Let’s clarify a doubt very common among women: use or no makeup on the beach?

Yes, of course it is always good to give a little help to nature and improve what is already good, so you can use Yes, but of course, since that common sense prevails, so we decided to show here the makeup for the beach ideal, without risk of sounding over.

The Ideal Makeup for Beach

So, taking as a starting point that basic little common sense plus tips for makeup won’t melt in the heat, the result is, Yes, you more beautiful and sexy on the sand.

Start by choosing the products which benefit the skin, keeping in mind that the makeup for the beach should resist to heat, wind and water–and, let’s face it, a lot of heat and a lot of water, which are the biggest obstacles to a make perfect, i.e. not applying the right products your makeup will literally fall apart.

Therefore, the makeup for the vintage ideal, that won’t leave you with blurred face, you have to obey some rules, which we show now.

Rules for hit the makeup for the beach

Certainly, the makeup for the beach must withstand the heat, sweat and sea bath, therefore, the most appropriate is that the products used are all waterproof, to prevent makeup melt, drain and stain the skin, and you pay the biggest monkey by the burning sands.

Look for a sunscreen that has a natural finish, without leaving the white skin or with different texture.

Step by step makeup for the beach

  1. To begin, as well as any makeup, the first thing to do is to prepare the skin. The makeup for the beach asks some extra tricks, as we will show to the next.
  2. Start with the sunscreen, he has to come first in the makeup for the beach, it is essential for a good result, and of course, choose one that matches your skin type and preferably that don’t let the white skin or with different texture.
  3. After passing the guard, so the skin is dry, the next step is to apply the primer, which close pores, fix the make, will help reduce oiliness, not to mention that just acting as a kind of sealant to the sunscreen.
  4. Who suffers with those dark under-eye circles, blemishes or pimples, you can also use a concealer resolve this problem, just don’t forget to choose some that have dry cover and waterproof, preferably in liquid or paste form, and in time to apply, no exaggeration, apply a few light layers.
  5. Anyone who wants, can also appeal to a base, there are already on the market bases suitable for high temperatures.
  6. As for blush, on makeup for the beach he should be avoided, since after a few minutes under the Sun, can stain your skin and, let’s face it … so use blush if you are under the Sun’s rays that give you this same effect naturally?!
  1. One more stripe between its items of makeup for the beach, is in the Illuminator, is also totally expendable, after all, on the beach, the own sweat and greasiness will lend the brightness you need.
  1. Se you’re the team that can’t survive without a eyeliner… okay, worth even a subtle dash to eyeliner waterproof upper lashes us, but without exaggeration. Learn more on Healthknowing .
  1. Who wants to can also highlight your eyes with a Shadow(prefer the creamy), provided it is well discretinha, but, in this case, dispense the eyeliner, not dropped from the party straight to the sands of the beach!
  2. Can play without fear, in waterproof mascara, it will give volume and open your eyes bringing brightness to this point, of a supernatural way.
  3. Certainly, the lipstick could not be left out of a good makeup for the beach, but prefer the moisturizers, which in addition to protect, yet avoid possible cracks caused by dry mouth or with FPS. A good tip to escape the moisturizing lipsticks, lip balms, opt for is that has colored versions and are perfect for use on the beach.

Okay, now just enjoy the season more charming and cheerful year, beautiful and powerful.

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