How to Eliminate ACNE in 11 Tips

There are many women that we have suffered with acne and oily skinat one or another time. Fat, inflammation, blackheads, and pimples, red skin marks on the skin… they appear on the face and gain centre stage in our beauty. And make us suffer because we are disadvantaged and we don’t know How to break the acne to restore the appearance of healthy skin. And as this image is especially prevalent in the age of 20, I think especially about them to write these anti-acne tips, although they are not the only ones who suffer from it, I know.

In this article I want to focus on those tips that are very important when it comes to acne-ending, leaving the review of the most effective treatments for another occasion (thanks to as dermocosmetics is having great advances in this field although they still need to be improved in severe cases of acne). Either I’m going to remind you of the importance of having the skin cleaning habits very strict because know you right?

But to begin with if I’m going to recommend that you change from today the way of looking at your skin if you have acne. It is not your enemy, you not despise it or think about it as an unpleasant feature of your physical. Your skin is a great friend, an ally, protects and beautifies when not sick or altered. But what happens to the skin with acne is that it is taking a tough battle against a bacterial infection. Why you need to count on you, with your help to be able to cure bacteria that assaulted her.

Researchers have discovered that we all have ‘acne bacteria’ (propionibacterium acnes) but while some strains are good, others are bad and the second the present in oily skin. This seems to be the main cause of corns, swelling pimples… Cutis, although not the only one since also influence you the genetic predisposition, hormonal factors, excess sebum… Talk to your dermatologist and ask for information to help you understand what is acne and how you can treat it properly. Today, from here, I will forward some tricks you get better results in your treatment.

  • As you are very young, forget the moisturizers and give your skin the hydration you need drinking 1.5 litres of water a day. Thus it will have covered their needs and avoid exposure to formulations that can harm you in the infection.
  • And as you age, your skin is smooth forget makeup funds or powders, until acne has healed. It is true that there are special make-up (free oil and petrochemical substances) but if you want to put an end to the acne as soon as possible, forward to heal the skin.
  • If you have any discomfort or hurts the head and gonna take a drug to end the pain, it is best that you opt for than paracetamol by ibuprofen (as long as your doctor is in agreement). Ibuprofen is not the best choice for sensitive skin like yours. The side effects that can cause (disorders of the digestive system and nervousness) affect you negatively.
  • If you have acne on his forehead it is possible that you choose a hairstyle with bangs to hide it, but I’m afraid, that if you have fat you don’t do no favours to your skin, on the contrary.
  • And, of course, forget manipulate beads, pimples… The infection could worsen.
  • Although there is still some medical disagreement on if certain foods are detrimental or not acne, what we do know is that a bowel clean, relaxed helps to have beautiful skin. So it is best not to take ‘strong food’ as exciting, spicy drinks, fatty sausages, industrial bakery, alcohol, chocolates…
  • If you have problems of marks and scars opt for foods rich in vitamin E. Oil cold pressed from germ of wheat, sunflower, corn and olive are rich in it.
  • To avoid that the Sun does not shine into the acne marks and aggravate them, you have to go out with a SPF 50 sunscreen on skin .
  • Stress also aggravates acne. I know that if go through a difficult time is a utopia trying to be always calm and relaxed. But maybe you can team up with any resource that you release stress. It may be from a physical wear sport (swimming, running…) up and down stairs to a resource very cheap or to sit and meditate. Your skin will thank you.
  • Avoid cosmetics with minerals and oils petroleum, such as Vaseline. And what you think you know about parabens .
  • And in this plan of care anti-acne could not miss an allusion to the rest. Your skin, in your fight against this infection, need to rest enough and with cotton sheets washed with mild detergent.

In the market you can find treatments to eliminate acne including antimicrobial topical or azelaic acid (care on women with very dark-skinned because azelaic acid can produce a bleaching side effect). But it evaluates also the rest of the composition of those creams so that they are as natural as possible. For example, if you include liquorice extract it Dim inflammation of skin and marks. The oil from the tea tree (at 5%) has great power against acne infections and makes it so soft, not aggressive. Mimosa also offers soothing properties…