How to Feel Confident in Swimwear

Down with the complex!

If most of the people are looking forward to the idea of being in a swimsuit, in your mind, it’s rather “to the rescue! Everyone will ogle my folds on the belly and my skin on the buttocks”. You try to reason with you, you still feel too big? Don’t panic! Fork & Bikini gives you tips to put your complex aside.

I choose the right swimsuit

The choice of the swimsuit is the first essential to feel good point. If you have a generous bust, it is important to put your most valuable asset in value. Choose Bras to hulls in order to ensure optimum support to your breasts.

You have hips and thighs round ? Choose a swimsuit of two parts with a bandeau top from Prefer panties waist with large knots to tie on the sides.

Finally, if you are really very round, bet on a swimsuit one-piece that disguise your curves while putting your chest. To accentuate the slimming effect, opt for United and dark colors.

I’m not comparing myself to others

“Did you see the girl over there? She is firm and well plump buttocks,”” and the other there! You saw her gazelle legs? It’s beautiful, that is what I would give to have a similar… »

Seriously, you really want to spend your vacation to compare yourself to others? You are as you are, and there are some things that you can never change, even with all the goodwill in the world.

You are at the beach, made of beach activities! Swim, bronze, discuss with your girlfriends… In short, relax and stop checking out other women.

I agree to be imperfect

Nobody is perfect. Neither he, nor she nor you, person. And yet happy! Because our small flaws that make us unique and give us a singular charm. Besides, we’d get bored like dead rats if it was all perfect.

The atomic bomb that you envy a, she also faults. Maybe she has no cellulite on the butt but maybe she has nipples distorted and hideous scars at the level of the Jersey, stretch marks that you can’t see the place where you stand…

In short, all women, even the thinnest, have complexes. And when it’s not relative to their body, compared to their face. It is all housed in the same boat then RE-LA-TI-VI-SEZ!

I forget my extra pounds

Ah, it’s not so! You you take the head with your extra pounds throughout the year, you’re going to leave a bit of respite to your spirit this summer.

Be aware that people are not here to judge you. Everyone is overweight, this isn’t the end of the world. Still, you won’t spend your holiday barricaded behind your sarong? In doing so, you’ll get the opposite effect than expected.

What for? Just because it will attract attention. People around are going to say, “it’s weird, she’s hiding something.” So, if you assume you, no one will notice.