How to Have a Perfect Makeup

Many women do not live without makeup, she can enhance the feminine traits and still hide imperfections. However, to achieve a good result you need to know to choose and how to use the products in the right way to hide blemishes, wrinkles, pimples, as well as highlight your eyes and lips. In this way, it is possible to make a perfect makeup, with professional finish! Here are 7 tips for making a perfect makeup without having to go to the beauty salon.

How to Make a Perfect Makeup

Tip 1: The main tip to make the perfect makeup, is clean the skin before you start to make, the ideal is to wash the face with a soap suitable for your skin type and after is with dry skin apply a tonic or astringent to close the pores of the skin. After the skin is dry, it is also very important to spend a moisturizer for the face and a primer.

Tip 2: With the skin clean and moisturized, it is possible to apply the base, starting with the center of the face spreading the product to the sides, with the help of a suitable brush or your fingertips. Not to make a mistake in choosing the ideal base if you have dry skin, bet on a creamy base which boasts moisturizer. But if your skin is oily or mixed, choose a base fluid, compact or mousse, and preferably oil-free.


Tip 3: In addition to choose the correct base, another important tip to make a perfect makeup is to bet on a good concealer. It is critical to help leave the skin perfect and fix imprefections on the skin like pimples, blemishes and dark circles. However, you must choose a concealer a shade lighter than your skin and apply it using the fingertips with delicate Pat desired regions.

Tip 4: With skin almost ready, compact powder can not miss to help leave the skin more uniform and dull. A good tip to get an effect but natural is to apply the product with a large brush. In addition, those who have dry skin or mixed should apply more dust in the nose, forehead and Chin, to avoid the excess oils in this region.

5 Tips: Among the tips for making a perfect makeup, eyebrow correction, make all the difference in the visual. It is therefore very important to fix them with a pencil or shadow brown, starting the application from the middle to the end of the eyebrow, without leaving excesses.

Tip 6: To highlight the look with the makeup, the tip is to bet on a light opaque shade to light below the eyebrow and a brown opaque shade cover the mobile eyelid and vanish into the concave. In addition, it is worth spending a eyeliner close to the upper lashes making a very thin wire frame. Finally, bet on the eyelash curler and multiple layers of mascara.

Tip 7: To end the perfect makeup, blush and lipstick can not miss. To create a more natural effect, the tip is to pass the blush brush itself, starting the movement in the top level of the ear toward the center of the cheeks. Don’t let excess and vanish well the blush. Already on the lips, put on the lipstick carefully so as not to smudge and watch your choice of color.