How to Make a Lamp with Bottle

With the success of the post “how to cut glass bottle and do drink”, let’s put another craft that is to make a lamp with the glass bottle, with these arts you can even sell, so earn some extra money in this time of crisis.

To make the lamp is very easy, simple steps that will make a simple glass bottle become a work of art that is a custom fixture.

To do you will only need a bottle of glass and light blink-blink, those that are used in Christmas trees, so take the opportunity to buy these lights before Christmas, because giving this time the light blinks flashes will be very expensive.

In the first step you take the lights and starts to put inside the bottle. Remembering to leave a substantial tip, so you can call hetongdiy.

Remembering that to reuse the glass bottle you will be ridding the decomposition in nature that can last up to 1 million years, depending on the conditions under which the material is subjected.

Even with these conditions, the minimum time of glass bottle is in total 41000 years, much longer than items manufactured in aluminum or plastic materials. It is therefore very important to reuse this material and not discard in nature.

If you don’t understand very well how to do the lighting fixture, let’s put a tutorial in which teaches step by step how to turn a glass bottle into a light fixture. Check out the video with Julia, in which she teaches how to make this craft, the video is very popular on youtube, already has more than 230 1000 views, so it’s worth checking out, after seeing the video let her slide over to the girl:

Now that you’ve learned how to make the lamp, I leave some pictures that are going to give ideas of models you may be doing, some bottles of some brands of beers are very cool as lamp, see the photos below.