How to Make a Wall Clock On A Food Dish

A wall clock can have the design that we like, and this idea will be ideal for placing in the kitchen, as we simularemos a plate of food.

How to Make a Wall Decorated with Food Watch

We are presenting some ideas to decorate a simple wall clock, and wear it in your kitchen or room you prefer it. We are going to simulate avant-garde dishes cooking methods, to dress our walls with special and personal clocks.

As if you are planning an event, the first step in the creation of these original wall clocks is to plan your theme, i.e.: choose the dish you want to represent. You can make a plate of cookies, a tray of sushi, or also somewhere in the preparation of dim sum.

Materials to Decorate the Wall Clock

To create on a plate wall clocks need clock machine. In this case, do not modify the structure or appearance of the hands, but also you could do so, for example, simulating Chinese sticks, forks and spoons flat made with papers and cardboards, or in the appearance you prefer.

Then, you need to model mass parts, whether porcelain cold, epoxy PuTTY, PuTTY for craftsmen, or masses with cooking, as a mass of bread or pottery. You do not recommend using mass of salt, but if then you barnizas parts if you could use it (remember that it is very susceptible to the contact with the steam).

Depending on your skills you will need molds to simulate the dishes in this wall clock, although the ideal is to work with your hands and with the help of texturadoras tools, which you can use any element: pens, brushes, forks, sticks or toothpicks and others. Have at hand a small rolling pin, school glue, scissors or some element of cutting, and also acrylic paints and brushes in the necessary colors for your creation. Then, ideally, varnishing the pieces with varnish spray, stained glass lacquer or varnish vitrificable.

Finally, you will need the main support of the clock. You can use a dish or tray of melanin, metal tray that you manage to drill to the Center, or also a bamboo steamer or a mat to roll up sushi, depending on the chosen preparation.

Designing Dishes for Wall Clock

Already chosen the dish and found materials, is the time to Cook, or, better said, of the parts. Cooking programs or web sites and gastronomic magazines, you can get inspired to see models of pieces of sushi, biscuits and snacks, or the food you’ve chosen. Get models with putties already colored or neutral color then paint them neatly, using acrylic paints.

Once created and painted on phoenixwallclocks, parts of the original wall clock made in a dish, dried to perfection. Varnishing them and allow to dry again.

Prepare the base, practicing a drill to the center of the plate, tray or basket chosen. Ensures the machine’s clock on the back, using universal glue or adhesive tapes, or with the method that is most suitable based on the materials in use.

Then you put the hands of the clock machine and adheres to the surface patterned parts. An idea to protect all is to remove the clock machine and their hands, and varnishing with varnish spray after having left to dry the glue well.

And have ready a wall clock made in a dish, which simlulara a delicious dish of sushi, sandwiches, biscuits… and will tell you when it is time to eat.