How To Match The White Shirt

Figure out how to match the white shirt for the fashion outfits and trendy is not always as easy as you might imagine. Head icon that can not miss in the closet of every fan of modern fashion, the white shirt is very well coordinated with different types of creations, from casual chic to sporty items or more elegant: let us see how.

The White Shirt And Jeans

The white shirt can easily become the heart of the most aggressive and saucy day look when paired with a pair of jeans. Most members models and exhausted can be worn inside the waist of his pants, especially when it comes to skinny jeans then you are going to go with a pair of heeled or sandals with heels. White shirts oversized mannish style can be worn partially inside the waist and partly elsewhere, or completely off the jeans, but in this case awarded mini bags and more casual flat shoes coordinated.

White Shirts And Skirts

The white shirt can be worn with skirts, as shown you pictures of our photo gallery. After seeing how to match the full skirt, we now know well that this kind of skirt is perfect with white shirt, be it a short skirt of a midi model. Looks to be more daring day can be completed with wraparound skirts in military chic style, while the denim skirts love the shirts in mannish style and those with slits and colorful applications along pockets and collar.

The Elegant Look

But as you can imagine, the white shirt is our best friend in formal occasions and in general in the most elegant.

Much appreciated by bloggers pairing with black skirts, sheath dress or more flared, and with the accession blacks pants or suit, look that you can complete with a blazer worn down. Shirts from the most sophisticated tailoring made from luxury fashion houses are the perfect match for culotte skirts and slacks structured or asymmetrical, to be selected in dark or muted tones like beige and powder pink.

The Sporty Chic Look

But for those who prefer a more modern style and character, we recommend matching the white shirt in the most vibrant leaders like those sporty chic. Put on your model with skirts in fabric and slip on solid, but if you want even with joggers pants and sneakers: the white of the top piece allows you to play with the colors in the rest of the look, since you can bet on a two-tone outfits or in color block depending on your taste.