How to Orient And Position the Tent in the Camping Site

Know build a tent properly to ensure a good night’s sleep or a nice rest at dusk during their adventures. Certain factors must be observed when choosing the best location to set up camp, and these factors you is knowing the next.

Time to assemble the tent as described in outdoor equipment must observe the following items:

Choose an area on a high point, well drained and out of ponds and swamps (many mosquitoes), but relatively close to a river, Creek or any point that you provide water.

When tensioning the tent be careful not to mount it under large trees and trees with dry branches because branches can fall at any time.

Avoid locations that are inclined, because the slightest slope can make you wake up all “squeezed” in the lower corner of the tent. (especially if you use sleeping bag directly on the floor of a tent!)

Never mount the tent with the door facing some die, because if it rains you will have a “River” passed through your shelter.

Try to observe the wind direction and prevent the tent openings, such as door and window keep pointing in the opposite direction to the wind. If a strong wind hit the tent with the door open she will leave with him, especially if the espeques are not properly secured to the floor.

If the weather is tending to rain the ideal is to make a trench around the tent so that the water does not pass under the “dorm”. Remember that vala has to start and finish in different places so that the collected water to drain away from your tent, as shown in the following illustration:

A lot of people don’t give proper importance in choosing the location to set up camp, sometimes people think it’s silly, but when the rains come, bringing high winds and lightning make sure who followed these tips will be very quiet while the others will be seriously considering shortening the adventure!

Good adventures and see you next week!