How to Put on Makeup with Glasses

Eyeglass wearers fights every day with the usual problem: slip on the nose. That’s the make-up makeup not to push them up all the time

All those who wear glasses have tried the (Localbusinessexplorer) Colored Sunglasses of constantly push them over the nose because it slipped. If this occupation is part of your daily tasks, we have good news for you, because it came easy trick that turns your life.

Reddit, a social news platform, was introduced the topic make-up for those who wear glasses, and some astute mind raised the issue of the lenses that slide. According to some stratagem it was to use a primer for the eyes on the nose tips that did join the auction of the glasses.

Not only allows your glasses remain on, but also prevents the disappearing trick to friction. A user of Reddit wrote: “To prevent slipping Use a primer for eye shadow on the nose where his glasses back. Simple and effective. ” Ie the keywords because a trick is taken immediately.

Another beauty dilemma solved! Besides the trick can be perfect because your mascara does not drool every time riding around the eyes. And for those who wear glasses the issue is on the agenda.