How to Size Women’s Belts

At first glance, the choice of belt is very simple. Going to the store, browse the wide range and choose the model that you grabbed sight. Thin knit, patent leather, wide or reminders chain – today choice of types and colors is unlimited …
But how often after the purchase, we understand that not all belts are used in our closet …?
After all, they should not play the role only of beautiful accessories, and be in harmony with our clothing to emphasize the dignity and hide the shortcomings of the body.

Certainly, the belt is very necessary thing in women’s wardrobe, but to choose the right is quite difficult accessory can both become the perfect finishing touch of personal style and ruin the whole look. So today we decided to pay special attention to their belts – how to properly choose them and how they can help to hide flaws. Women belts – base models choice of belt must be consistent with the wardrobe. It is desirable accessory will fit shoes or even better – with the bag. In this way, your vision will be harmonious and complete. Universal belt no. It needs different models for different types of clothes and cases. Today fashion allows you to wear belts not only with pants, and dresses (business and even evening), blouses, shirts, jackets, coats. It is understandable that each item needs its own accessory belt that perfectly combines with coat unlikely to be suitable for business dress. In the wardrobe of every woman must attend basic models belts that allow you to put the right accents where needed.

So … what kind of car we have?

Black leather belt with an average width of 2 cm wide belt of rough skin and reddish-copper buckle wide, richly decorated belt (cloth or chamois). This kind of belt do not usually have size, can be worn as waist and hip area. Belt skin of reptiles (or imitation). These types of belts “work” well in any wardrobe and allow same garment looks different.

If you have a problematic figure and you think seat belts are not suitable for you, it is deeply mistaken. The secret to success is simple: the most important thing is to correctly choose your model and version. Observing certain rules, you can easily learn how to choose belts and compose them beautiful ensembles. The ladies who have little tummy can wear belt around her hips, so look visually will deviate from puhkavinata, thus will hide flaws and make your figure more attractive.

* Too bulging belly can be easily camouflaged with a belt having a large and beautiful buckle. The accessory should be worn around the hips.

* If you have a large bust, give broad patterns – they aggravate figure. The ideal option for you is slim belt.

* With wide hips and thighs fluffy strongly not recommended to tighten the belt on the waist – give him some freedom. The ideal option for you is to put the belt low on the waist, gently bend diagonally.

* In short stature is desirable to use thin belt line of the waist, which visually elongate the figure, making it more subtle and weak. Note the models skin of reptiles that visually attract the eye on yourself. Avoid contrasts – they go only to women with a perfect figure. Dressing black dress, do not put white or yellow waist belt – it will make you look more plump.

* If you want to tailored, your belt should be two or three tones darker than the dress. And do not forget about accessories. It is desirable shape can be oblong.