How to Tie a Bow Tie

The fly, a tricky accessory that most cannot actually tie. But don’t worry, this is the simplest Wizard you can find

Visual guides are not always easy to understand. How easily one than explains the steps and stages so it is sometimes difficult to keep up with and get the same results. We have therefore taken with two different image-guides and a video for that you definitely will be able to get help with how to tie a bow tie.

How to tie a bow tie as described in Guide No. 1

A cartoon guide to how to get into a nice bow tie. The advantage of a cartoon guide is that it is easier to put emphasis on lines, which can make it more educational, depending on how you prefer to take in the information.

How to tie a bow tie? Guide No. 2

All take in information differently. Sometimes it is easier with a drawing, sometimes with a photo, and sometimes with a video. Here is a guide to answer the question, “How to tie a bow tie?”, a guide that is based on the actual images on the fly, something that may make it somewhat easier to understand.

How to tie a bow tie? Guide No. 3 – Video

If the still picture-based guides are not something for you (don’t worry, most have problems with following the statements of this kind) so is saving here below. An educational video in calmly pace. Follow the indications in the video so we guarantee that you get to a really nice bow tie.

How was it?

I hope you got to a really neat bow tie thanks to one of these wizards. Please feel free to email a picture of how it was, so we put together a collage of reader photos for some inspiration, please email
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