How To Use Leggings

Shims or, better said, the version of 80s leggings settled in fashion five years ago, and although many fashion experts believed that they had the days… are still firmly in the closet. As basic garment, or as they say the Spaniards, as wardrobe.

According to how they are carried, they reveal the personality of its owner.They are those who use them with long dresses, some with maxirremeras and which dare to ally them with tops. In addition there are a thousand different varieties in terms of prints and genres. The big Joker, black and opaque version, which goes with everything. Joined the glazing, stickers and even designs in leather (or simile). There are models with flowers, up to the full Zoo prints and stripes: Zebra, Leopard, reptile and tiger. So great is the variety that the actress Lindsay Lohan dedicated in 2008 a brand only to them: 6126 Collection, number honoring the birth of Marilyn Monroe (June 1, 1926) who is deep admirer.

Arty and night. An example of Oh not Dead, presenting a look fashionable and well done. It combines a black model with cuts of abstract art and combines it with diver short and t-shirt. Material is more suitable for the night, although the diver décontracté. To use a short piece about a legging it must have a figure of privilege.

For all. The styling of this model of María Cher includes, above all, the proportions: big up, set below. They can be accompanied by all the hits of winter shoes: botinetas, high boots, shoes with platforms. If carried with color accessories, better.If you choose to bedpans Audrey look, always correct is achieved.

Chic. Evangelina leggings version aims at a modern woman with courage and daring to use platforms with taco needle. The shims of leather, with a shirt of good Court, in this case, net, oriental, offer an elegant look, these new times.