How to Wear Leather Jacket

The leather jacket is a classic in the world of fashion and we all know that looks wonderful in combination with black trousers or jeans. But would you risked combine leather jacket with a little black dress or a string of pearls? Even if you can not imagine this combination, it is quite successful and deserves your attention. This article will introduce you to a few great ideas for combining leather jacket.

Leather Jacket + Pearls

Do not keep the necklace with pearls for your favorite little black dress. The combination of a leather jacket and that kind necklace with a classic white blouse and black trousers is a great mix of femininity and adds chic to every woman. Katie Holmes has put just such a type toilet.

Adding a fresh shirt to leather jacket will become a crazy chick. Faded or torn jeans would be a great addition to your overall look.

A blend of Fresh Leather Jacket and T-shirt

There is something fresh clothes with different lines or streaks. They are the perfect complement to the leather jacket. A bold decision to add a scarf like Jasmin Wagner brings French chic and change your broadcast.

You should choose more formal leather jacket. Elizabeth Von Guttman has a great selection when choosing her outfit – a long skirt with a deep slit, white shirt, blouses and black leather boots to ankle. Updated and refined look.

Different Color Leather Jacket

Black is classic, but do not underestimate and fresh colors of spring. As already mentioned this year took turquoise blue color trends also furor of coral shades not yet passed. The colors always wear mood, so at least for a while forget the black.

Floral again! This is how to attract the eyes on her. Here is a proposal by Kirsten Stewart – black and white pants with floral prints and bright yellow leather jacket. If you choose pants with different colors and prints, bet the color of the jacket either be in the dominant color of the pants, or be black.

Different lengths, cut sleeves, colorful ornaments, decorations, asymmetrical patterns and many other eccentric solutions designers can look stylish if you combine them with the right clothes. Remember that the choice of such a kind leather jacket requires a simple and clean pants and blouse.

Here we’ll look at ways of wearing a leather jacket instead of his model. An elegant and stylishly draped leather jacket as Julia Restoyn Roytfeld looks elegant and enhances the femininity of a woman.

Leather jacket and leather pants? Why not? Olivia Wilde has combined two different leather colors with white shirt between them. If you do this you see more, you can find jeans market imitating leather pants or that are leather items.