How to Whiten Pillows


When you change the sheets of your bed, you can have happen something really shocking. In fact, when removing the pillowcases you can find that their pillows have yellowed. It is quite normal that the pillows in the long run must be prevented. This happens due to moisture or sweat of one skin area, or even for a simple friction of the pillowcase. However, it is good practice not to despair, as there is almost always a remedy for everything. There are a few little things to consider and to be put in place to whiten your pillows. In this guide we will see how to perform this.

You need

Be sure to have on hand:

  • Pillows
  • Whitening product for fabrics
  • Large basin or bath
  • Cold water
  • Washing machine
  • Mild detergent
  • Drying rack

The first thing needed to whiten your pillows is to travel to a town supermarket to buy a whitening product. In supermarkets you can find, between a wide range of products of this kind, that deemed the most appropriate. Certainly among them you can find the one best suited to you. After that, it is vital to pour a cup of bleach within a basin full of cold water. Then put their pillows in the water itself, then let them soak. If you were to have a bowl large enough, you can do this kind of operation even in the bathtub.

The cushions must be soaking in cold water and bleach solution for at least five or ten minutes. To whiten completely pillows evenly, you should take the utmost care that the water cover it entirely. If not, you can still find some patches of fabric yellowed, despite treatment. The whitening product has the function to act on stains, removing all dust and grime accumulated.

Once you have passed the ten-minute time frame, you must remove your cushions from the drip tray. To follow, it is necessary to rinse them thoroughly under running water. In this way, in fact, are removed all chlorine residues of whitening product. Next, you need to put pillows inside the washing machine, so as to carry out a complete wash. At this point, you have to add a mild detergent, and then select the program suitable for washing delicates. If your pillows are made from goose feathers, you can also consider going to wash them directly by hand. After washing, it is a good idea to leave them in a place quite airy to let them dry properly. The ideal would be to place them on a drying rack. In this way, in fact, the air tends to pass over and under the pillow itself, allowing you to have more complete and homogeneous drying as possible. However, you should exercise extreme caution before putting them back on the bed with goose feathers pillowcases clean, making sure that the pillows are completely dry. In fact, sleep with your head in the wet, in the long run could cause annoying and painful neck problems. Therefore, moisture and wet don’t get along with our health. Neck pain and headache, in these cases, are just around the corner.


Never forget:

  • We put to dry the cushions horizontally on a drying rack, so we will have more even drying.