HTC 8 X – high-end Smartphone with Windows phone 8

HTC has to fight unfortunately with a moderate sales of Android smartphones. The competition from Samsung (especially the Galaxy S3) and other smartphone manufacturers is enormous and the hopes in Windows phone 8 are correspondingly high. In cooperation with Microsoft the Taiwanese smartphone presented manufacturer yesterday (19.09.2012) in New York City its new smartphones, with the new operating system should provide paragraph.

Including the new HTC is 8 X, the new technical spearhead of HTC to be portfolio in the Windows phone 8 segment. Trademarks of the Smartphones are – similar to when the new Nokia Flagship Lumia 920 – pithy colors, the mobile phone will be available in the. Here it is a very different path than at Apple, so because here are 5 iPhone and the new iPad still in honest black or white available. In addition to this special design feature, HTC 8 X of course technically has some interesting features that we of course do not want to deprive you.

Design and processing: HTC Windows phone 8 quality style

Windows phone 7 would be a party, she would fail in the Bundestag at the 5-percent hurdle. That should change 8 after the presentation of Microsoft, but also of many hardware manufacturers with Windows phone. HTC is not only one of them, but works in his own words for 15 years with Microsoft. And indeed: HTC was the first manufacturer, which has unveiled a Smartphone with Windows Mobile. The HTC is 8 X will back a Smartphone with reference character.

Although it is not why often when HTC made of aluminium and polycarbonate, makes but thanks to a smooth impression soft touch surface and lies well in the hand. Thereby, weighing 140 g is pleasantly low, although the Smartphone with 132 x 66 x 10 mm clearly goes with the trend to the large Smartphone. Thanks to the subtle convex design with curved backrest, the Smartphone is slim even if it measures at the thickest point 10, 1 mm, and so probably the thickest current high-end Smartphone will be. The edge’s measures, however, only less than 4mm. Thanks to this design gimmicks the Smartphone looks pretty elegant.


The colors are likely to ensure as at Nokia for discussions. I think it’s very cool and individually, also are bright colors anyway in the trend. But honestly: it’s in two years even? If I buy a high-quality Smartphone for much money, it should be timeless in a certain context. HTC wants to offer 8 X its Smartphone red (not in Germany), yellow, and blue colors. For more conservative buyer but also a stylish graphite-black is … lucky! In conjunction with the Windows phone 8 tile surface should represent an almost symbiotic design the Smartphone. HTC itself describes it thus: the Smartphone itself should look thanks to the hard-edged shapes such as a tile. Note: As the colors of the tiles in Windows phone 8 customize everything from the design fits together here very well, while the surface remains a matter of taste but still visually.

Hardware and facilities: Megascharf!

With 4.3 ″ diagonal you chose 8 X a size on the HTC, which represents a good balance between practicality and readability. This has a fabulous resolution of 1280 × 720 pixels, that thus even less than the Nokia Lumia 920 and the Apple iPhone 5 in the barriers has in terms of pixel density (341 DPI). You won’t notice but certainly differences, because that is not free “ retina ” display werbewirsam so because the human eye can no longer distinguish individual pixels from approximately 300 DPI. The touch screen with Gorilla glass covert was laminated again in addition to minimize reflections.

Processor is the same dual-core Snapdragonwie in the HTC one XL used (Snapdragon S4 plus), where the performance of the processor should once significantly better be exploited by Windows phone 8 as in Android. LTE does not exist but in contrast to the HTC one XL. The 8 mega pixel camera of smartphones will be a special highlight and provide good pictures even in low light conditions. Striking is also the front camera with 2.1 mega pixels, which gives even HD videos in full HD resolution. Thanks to wide-angle lens, self portraits with the front-facing camera to succeed better than the competitors. As memory 16 gb available, which may not be supplemented by micro-SD cards are available.

Beats audio: better sound at all levels

Also on sound again emphasizes HTC and thus creates a special argument for friends well-kept acoustics. With the beats technology equipped PEPs HTC not only on the software side the sound through coordinated Equalizer presets on, but given an own amplifier, which will provide better sound headphone jack and the phone’s internal loudspeaker. Also you can provide high-quality HiFi headphones this with sufficient power. Also the internal speaker should be significantly better than comparable cell phone speakers. This should be achieved through the housing capacity of the HTC 8 X.

Conclusion, availability and price

The colors of the HTC 8 X will be a matter of taste, the handle to the plain black Smartphone but is reserved for all critics. HTC delivers a very round, compelling Smartphone, but without major surprises and in my opinion no longer contemporary, with the HTC 8 X to thick body. The Nokia Lumia is 920 due to some technical advantages (camera, LTE support) and exciting design gimmicks (qi induction charge) but something more interesting, 8X. is still slightly thicker, but still just as respectable as the HTC but with 10, 7 mm

, Advent is 8 X to the HTC in November 2012 at a cost of about 550,-€. If you want to be informed, as soon as the HTC is 8 X available in Germany, simply click on the article page of the HTC 8 X on “ notification when available ”. After registration your email address you will receive from us free of charge a notification by mail, as soon as the Smartphone with us in the shop is available.


On the net are circulating a sample video in HD, 8 X demonstrating the video quality of the HTC already: