HTC Leo – three times as fast as its predecessor!

Unfortunately, no technical data to the HTC Leo have been confirmed officially, but one thing is certain: with the Leo, HTC has a hot iron in the fire. The frequent emergence of technical data in the Internet, it is also assumed that the features are as far as. A gigahertz processor, Windows Mobile 6.5, ample memory (320mb) and a multitouch of enabled touch screen with a diagonal of rich 4.3 ″. Sounds overwhelming? It is also!

Now even benchmarks were performed impressively underscore the performance data of the HTC Leo: the processor test certifies times the power of the previous model HTC Touch HD. Not only that but … game performance has grown even more! Compared to its predecessor, the performance by 1822 percent increased here. Some expectations that are purely performance technically so to make HTC Leo.

Still, rumors are circulating but that HTC Leo is technically not as spektukulär as the numerous Internet Rumor has it. It must be hoped that these rumors are true. Then expect really HTC Leo with a high end Smartphone. We will keep you informed of course!

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