HTC Leo – Smartphone with multitouch

On HTC Leo (development name: Firestone) we have already reported. The successor of the HTC Touch HD has already caused a sensation on the Internet, because the specifications are really impressive. In addition to a huge 4.3 ″ display is a 1 GHz Qualcomm processor and 320mb of RAM even the necessary computing power on board. Windows Mobile (in the version 6.5) should run absolutely liquid. Now, even a video was released by a Polish side, which shows the HTC Leo with Multitouch support.

Now briefly summarized the most important technical facts & figures from the old report. These are while still not disclaims that’s circulating rumors that the fundamentals of the HTC Leo should be not so spectacular as suspected at the time but. Also in circulation is that instead of Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system Android should be used. Only rumors as I said everything but these are, so here again, I present the old data:

here’s the video, this impressive the multi-touch capability of the HTC Leo and also the speed of the 1 GHz processor shows. If you are interested in this Smartphone: we can learn like free of charge, as soon as the mobile phone with us is available. Find more cell phones and Smartphones (by HTC), at bridgat.