HTC Mozart and Mondrian: Windows 7 phone smartphones

Windows 7 phone is not a Smartphone, but an operating system … that time first of all, the name can namely lead to irritations. Windows 7 phone is the new operating system from Microsoft and the official successor to Windows Mobile 6.5 HTC has confirmed now first models that were already as a rumor floating around (we reported). With the name of Mozart and Mondrian, the new smartphone comes elite with Windows 7 phone, an operating system, that looks quite different than everything so far unprecedented.

What makes Windows 7 phone out?

The development of Smartphone operating systems is above all characterized by the fact that these are always more intuitive to use. Windows Mobile was no longer meet in the recent past of this development, at least, the sales figures of the Windows Mobile devices spoke this language. The manufacturer of smartphones have more oriented towards Google Android. With the version 6.5 has can not stop this development. Microsoft came to the conclusion that Windows Mobile in this form is obsolete and no longer can compete with the competition. The device with the solution gave it already, Microsoft Zune Mp3 player with an out sophisticated operating system very well has arrived in the United States and has become a genuine competitor to the iPod touch. Based on this operating system was now emulate the Apple’s competitors Microsoft and quasi develop a mobile phone from an Mp3 player. The result: Windows 7 phone, the first smartphone operating system completely without icons, with completely different design than anything previously known. Already at the development stage this operating system characterized by an intuitive design, a very responsive browser and stylish design. Windows 7 phone is an investment with very good chances to get iOS4 and Google Android on a level with Apple’s.

HTC Mozart and Mondrian

Microsoft raze the mistakes, that Google has already made 7 phone thanks to the long lead time with his Windows. Problem is if too many freedoms are left the manufacturers, such as with Android. There are many programs that run on this and those Smartphone better times and worse times. With strict hardware specifications, which are currently at the highest level of performance, avoids Microsoft compatibility issues and ensures continuous high quality of Windows 7 phone devices. It so happens that the display resolution at HTC Mozart and Mondrian is high 800 x 480 pixels. When the HTC Mondrian processor to be installed even a 1.3 GHz – currently state of-the-art processors from Samsung I9000 Galaxy S and Apple are the 1 GHz iPhone 4. The HTC Mondrian is also a huge 4.3 ″ screen have, as so far only the HTC HD2 has commanded him. The HTC Mozart, there are currently only vague information that more likely sooner or later as a fake will turn out.

Availability and price

There is no official release data, which will probably, won’t change especially in the case of the HTC Mozart. When the HTC Mondrian that looks different. I suppose the Smartphone is one of the first Windows 7 phone smartphones and come autumn 2010 on the market. Whether it comes directly after Germany, is first of all the question. But we stay tuned of course for you and keep abreast!