HTC one +: design Smartphone with new hardware

The HTC one is still the flagship Smartphone when it comes to quality and successful design with Android smartphones. Technically the HTC one can no longer keep up – the current generation Snapdragon 800 works faster and stromsparender (E.g. in the LG G2, Sony Xperia Z1 or Samsung Galaxy S4 advanced). With the HTC one + upgrade in the House may be.

As already in the previous version HTC could one X (one X +) there also at the HTC one is a “ plus version ” type, which is equipped with faster hardware. A screenshot of a reputed HTC one + is surfaced in a Greek community, shows the Android system menu. There an OCTA-core is specified as processor and 3 gb memory. I am very skeptical: with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 a good quad-core chipset available, whose Vorgänger already in the HTC one would be. So far, Samsung is the only manufacturer that focuses on the development of octa-core processors (this includes worth reading: our report to the Samsung Galaxy S5). An HTC one + the old beautiful design and faster new hardware is however desirable!