HTC one mini – the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini alternative

The HTC one is one of the Smartphones with a really catchy look and was able to secure a permanent place in the ranks of the most popular high-end smartphones. But a mini users had been interesting to start for many users, because the 4.7 ″ full HD display is quite large the Smartphone, and the price in the high-end segment is located. Now the HTC one comes with mini as a mid-range Smartphone smaller display and a high-end look at a smaller price.


Lange has the rumor mill to an HTC one mini bubbling. Now it is so far: the HTC one is mini. With somewhat bedraggled hardware, a smaller 4.3 ″ display and high-quality optics of the HTC one. For me the HTC one is mini now has one of the top smartphones this year. You read where you have to make cuts compared to the HTC one and who is the HTC one particularly worth mini, of course directly in the connection here in the bridgat blog. We take a small comparison to the direct competition of Samsung Galaxy S4 mini. To the small issue of the Samsung Galaxy S4 the HTC one mini could be a really serious alternative.

Design and processing

The look of the HTC one is simply the ravages of time: an edgy design, high quality materials, a very narrow scope to ’ s display – the HTC one is simply the design goodies of this year, that iPhone 5 may very well record it with the Apple for me. At first glance the HTC one looks mini almost exactly like his big brother. Only in detail some main differences arise: mini although aluminium back and front are at the HTC one, but the frame of the Android Smartphone is in gläzendem plastic.

That detracts little from the positive impression, but the superb quality of the HTC one thus not quite achieved the HTC one mini. The smaller screen and the use of plastic in the framework the HTC one has become mini somewhat easier compared (128 g instead of 142 g). As the differences in weight is the difference in size is not as large as expected: length 13, 2mm instead of 13, 74mm, width 63mm instead of 68, 2mm, depth remains at about 9, 3mm (thickest).

Hardware and equipment

The Super-LCD2 display of the HTC one is mini with 4.3 ″ and a resolution of 1280 × 720 pixels (pixel density: 341 DPI) but not full HD blessed with, but with such a high resolution, that individual pixels are not to recognize. In terms of hardware you might first think the HTC one mini was also much slower than the HTC one. There is a chip set a Snapdragon of 400 with dual-core processor (2 x 1.4 GHz), the 305 Adreno graphics chip and a gigabyte of memory. In processor-based benchmarks, the HTC one thus the mini in about half of the points of the HTC one, it can keep well during graphic testing. Still running Android on the HTC one mini course tack and the HTC sense makes a good surface.


You must also bear in mind that graphic-intensive applications benefit simply from a lower resolution – at the HTC one mini must be computed just a million pixel, while there are more than two million pixels at the HTC one. It is hardly surprising that the HTC one is like the large version of the Smartphone mini as well as for demanding games and applications. LTE is also present, an a LTE data plan assumes of course for the use of fast Internet but. The 16 gb internal memory cannot be extended via Microsd card. Also an interesting for one or the other special feature of the HTC one may lack: the mini Smartphone has no infrared interface, the mobile phone to a remote control was able to work with the.

Camera: hardly cuts compared to the HTC one

The camera, HTC has made little change to the top model. It’s camera, which is also in the expensive HTC one also to the HTC ultra pixel. This is in comparison to the competition, which focuses on more and more megapixels, another way: instead of becoming more and more to download mega pixels on the small image sensors, pixels are enlarged simply. That makes for an improved light output compared to the competition, but also for smaller pictures.

The 4 mega pixels of the HTC one are mini but definitely sufficient, especially as photo quality positively striking. In addition, the HTC one mini camera is a real feature cam: with HTC Zoe for example, it is possible, at the same time turning a short video and shoot 3 photos, which enables creative possibilities of in design. The same is true for the HDR function or also the slow-motion video function. Of course you also can “ normal ” rotate videos in HD quality (1920 × 1080 pixels).

Is there a constraint but compared to the HTC one: the optical image stabilizer has been rationalized away in the mini. It is a mechanism that automatically reduces Verwackler when shooting photos, allowing so a longer exposure (aperture). This does reduce the quality slightly, but not so much that the ultra pixel camera would be unable to compete. One must also bear in mind: the HTC one mini is a mid-range Smartphone and an optical image stabilizer is still an absolute exception feature that is reserved for some Nokia smartphones (Nokia Lumia 925, Lumia 920) and just the HTC one.

Summary and comparison with the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini

In terms of hardware the Samsung Galaxy S4 with mini it can absorb the HTC one mini. Here also the Snapdragon 400, where the processor is higher clocked at 300 MHz as the HTC Smartphone with 1, 5 gb RAM are installed as a platform. At this point, the advantages of the Samsung Galaxy S4 but also stop mini: not only in terms of appearance, the Samsung Smartphone is actually for a comparison (complete plastic!), well that’s too bad 4.3 ″ dissolved Super-AMOLED display with 540 x 960 pixels. For me, mini as advantage, that an LCD is fitted and no OLED display comes with the HTC one, because the colors are clearly natural – in addition, the black levels for LCDs are now so good that they can compete with OLED display.

The HTC one mini is a consistently successful smartphone with great features that is very close to the high-end area off of the feeling. Also the 4.3 ″ screen like me well as a good compromise of size and ease of use. Because the size differences not so much fall in the weight and a further reduction of the price at the HTC one is expected, it is worth perhaps, in spite of the large display it once again to look at the HTC one.

Availability and price

Announced the HTC one is mini for August 2013. The version with the white frame should be for an MSRP of €449 to have. Usually the selling prices significantly under the EIA are but, especially since the HTC one then would be cheaper just less than €100 after our current store prices as the top Smartphone HTC one. Other colour variations of the HTC one mini further nothing is known at present, it should be but it is likely that there will be more versions have a different border color.

If you want to be informed, as soon as the HTC one mini is available, simply click on the product page of your Smartphone and on “ notification if available ”. You will receive then as soon as the HTC one mini in the bridgat shop is available, a mail. This service is for you free of charge and non-binding!