HTC one mini and desire 600: Compact and powerful

Smartphones with display sizes of 4 ″ are not for everyone, although the trend among manufacturers to ever larger displays. You might almost think that everyone wanted a giant Smartphone purchase. There are still very many – if not even the majority of customers – who want to still have an in-between and no “ Phablet ” or “ Smartlet ” with more than 5 ″, but rather a Smartphone between 4 ″ and 5 ″ screen diagonal with the trend to a smaller size. Exactly these buyers is now with an HTC one mini and the HTC desire 600 addressed.


In the HTC one is currently a persistent rumor to call mini, it is but certain. The Smartphone with high quality optics of the way hugely successful HTC one (with snapdragon 400 processor and Adreno 305 graphics) is a 4.3 ″ display with a resolution of 1280 × 720 pixels get and in about 70% of the performance of the very fast HTC one. An exciting Smartphone for anyone whom the HTC one too expensive and perhaps with his 4.7 ″ display just a tick is too large. Another interesting Smartphone, which is already clearly in the rumor stage out, is the HTC desire 600: 4.5 ″ it is already quite large and offers no very high resolution 960 × 540 pixels. The case of the HTC desire 600 is not as high quality as the HTC one, but made of plastic, but still makes a very good impression. The quad-core is a cheap Variant (Snapdragon 200), but still adequate performance. Whether the cheap mid-range Smartphone HTC desire 600 even after Germany or mini appears here only the HTC one, is not yet known.