HTC one S – Android updates be set!

Actually heard the HTC one S, not to the old iron, but now has been confirmed it officially by HTC: HTC one S will get no updates and now on Android remain, insofar as the user does not even manage jelly bean (4.1.1.) and rooting your Smartphone. HTC justified the decision saying that the hardware of the HTC one of S could be newer versions without performance problems.

If this is true, is not clear. Anyway, there are Smartphones that have similar hardware as the HTC one S and should still get Android 4.2.2 (E.g. the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 mini). It may also be that HTC with this step more consistent the “ Google Edition ” would like to apply, the consistent updates thanks to unmodified Android promises. How did this step also Samsung the Galaxy S4 also HTC with HTC one presents “ Google Edition ” a pure Android cars without HTC sense interface, that receive significantly longer updates to than the version with the hotel’s own user interface. By the way: Even if the HTC one receives any updates S – it runs well with the current version and is still a highly recommended class processing phone for under 300,-€. In addition, it is priced very attractive for performance and HTC typically comes with a high-quality housing – thus gives the Samsung Galaxy S4 while the newer version of Android, offers a total but less hardware at the higher price.