HTC one X, one S and one V from 2nd April available


From April 2, 2012, the new series of HTC is named “ one ” starting in the Switzerland, Germany and Austria. Features of the Smartphone family from HTC are clearly in a high-quality workmanship and is that HTC consistently on the operating system Android 4.0 (“ ice cream sandwich ”) sets. Although the Google for some time operating system is officially available, the distribution is still very small. HTC offers the latest Android operating system even at the entry-level model HTC one V on and of course the more expensive alternative HTC one S and one X. Here, we provide an overview of the Smartphones, which could become best-selling.

HTC one X – high-end Smartphone with Android 4.0

the HTC one X falls first of course through his extra-large display with a diagonal of 4.7 ″ especially. Thus (dimensions: 133.9 x 69.0 x 9,29 mm) the new high-end model in the one series is already a competitor to the popular “ Smartlet ” (i.e. a mix between Tablet and Smartphone) Samsung Galaxy touch. HTC thus recognizes the trend of to ever-growing display and even in the resolution in a typical style which is currently taken by all manufacturers. Quite clear: The resolution got very big with 1280 × 720 pixel resolution and can compete with other current devices of the competition very well, also if the pixel madness of the iPad 3 of course not achieved.

The weight of the HTC one X-oriented thanks to the material (polycarbonate, as for example the Nokia Lumia 800) not on the size of your Smartphone. With ca., the Smartphone remains pleasantly easy 130 g. Technically, the HTC one X offers a quad-core processor with a clock rate of 1.5 GHz per core. The power saving is still an additional core which automatically turns on at low computational load and provides for a special efficiency. Thanks to the Tegra 3 of chipset is of course the graphics performance impressive and enough for the liquid appearance of full HD videos or elaborate games. The strong hardware package is complemented by a one gigabyte large work spoke.

Also the equipment reads befitting for a high-end model very well: facilities include a 32 gb of internal memory, Wi-Fi, A-GPS, Bluetooth and HSPA. Special attention has apparently given HTC at the one X on the camera. While 8 Megapixels are now standard, but for this HTC promises thanks “ HTC ImageSense ” technology particularly good shots even in low light conditions. This is achieved via a BSI sensor. There’s the possibility of video in full HD quality to record and some interesting photo functions, such as continuous shooting, which enables the recording of a series.

Cost is the top model of the HTC one series about €599. To have the Smartphone from 2 April this year, delays are still possible. If you want to be informed once the Smartphone is available, simply click on the product page of the HTC one X in the bridgat shop and there on “ notification when available ”. You receive free of charge and unverbinlich us an email, as soon as the mobile phone with us in the shop is.

HTC one S – middle class? By because!

For me is really a high-end Smartphone “ highend ”, if even the exterior has a high-quality appearance. HTC does just that with a mid-range model HTC one S. thanks to its ceramic aluminium surface (approximately 4 x harder than aluminium) üerbezugt it both visually and haptically. It is with this new production technique, in which aluminium is hardened through a special process, positively from its competitors and even the in-house competition. Funny actually, that HTC HTC puts one X on the noble case, rather than on instead of polycarbonate …. Anyway, the HTC one is still a rather lightweight Smartphone S not uncomfortably hard, but with about 120 g.

The display is with 4.3 ″ still not small, but playing in the League of the Samsung Galaxy S2. Also that it is AMOLED display to a super with a resolution of at least 540 x 960 pixels see speaks for the HTC one The equipment can be also seen: Kameratechnisch plays the HTC one S in a League with the HTC one X. The processor has instead of the four cores of only two, but also they are clocked at each 1.5 GHz, which should still be more than enough for all possible applications and also graphics-heavy games. Has been confirmed in some tests even, that the built-up Snapdragon S4 MSM8960 is faster than the quad-core processor of the Tegra 3 of chipset from NVIDIA. In this respect one should not be of the inscription “ quad-core ” blinded and the dual-core give a chance.

Facilities there’s at the HTC one S less than at the HTC one X: instead of the 32 gb memory “ only ” 16 gb internal memory, otherwise you must make no concessions: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, A-GPS and HSPA – everything is.

, As well as the other HTC one also the HTC one S comes models on April 2 after Germany. It is supposed to cost about 499,-€. Here is of course the same as when the HTC one X: If we want to inform you if your Smartphone is available, just click on the product page of the HTC one S, on “ notification when available ” and after the registration your email address we send you an E-Mail free of charge, if the Smartphone is available with us.

HTC one V – even the smallest model is quite large!

, HTC serves also the entry class with the HTC one V. However it doesn’t show that the more compact smartphone (120.3 x 59.7 x 9.24 mm), because HTC has modeled after legend the housing the classic HTC, which was not too long ago for its high-quality appearance. Even with the HTC one V, the housing is made of one piece aluminium, which ensures a very good feel and look of the Smartphone. While reminding the facilities of the Smartphones with a 1 GHz single core processor and 512mb of RAM more at the high end smartphones of something over a year ago, but you must also keep in mind that here Android 4.0 ice cream sandwich is used. I am therefore expecting a very fluid user experience and that’s what Yes ultimately matters, or? Sure, graphics-heavy title not so good on this Smartphone will run, but that take advantage of the least anyway my experience.

Of the 3.7 ″ display with a resolution of 800 × 480 pixels provides also a good compromise for the usability of Google market and surfing also on larger sites. With the 5 megapixel camera, also a BSI was obstructed sensor for high quality in low light conditions, which should also provide for good photos. Internal memory is 4 gb available.

, April 2, 2012 applies even when the HTC one V as the official starting date. The small smartphone with the high-quality housing should be priced a noncommittal price recommendation from 299,-€. We can provide information about the availability: V, just click on the product page of the HTC one and then “ notification when available ”. Alerts from us after registration your email address, as soon as the Smartphone with us in the shop is available.