HTC snap – email phone with full keyboard – better than BlackBerry?

, The new HTC snap makes BlackBerry really competition. It is not only through its full QWERTY keyboard perfect for e-mail. The keys are slightly curved to facilitate pleasant tap. As a result less typos happen. It also includes for the first time the so-called “inner circle”-application which can ingeniously simple sort the emails. Different groups of people can be – depending on the time of day or day of the week – can determine the “inner circle” and then with just a touch of a button, at the top in the Inbox view the messages of this group is. So you will neither in the Office of vide, annoyed at the weekend business mails and more easily sees through a possible flood of new messages.

Operating system and software

The HTC snap comes with Windows mobile operating system and offers a mobile version for Word, Excel, and Outlook. For a perfect management of emails Outlook can be also with the PC synchronize.

General data

It is with its dimensions (116.5 x 11.9 x 61.5 mm) very small and handy. In addition, it is relatively easy for a phone of its class with 119.9 g. The battery life is also very comfortable: up to 510 minutes talk time and 379 hours in stand-by mode it according to the manufacturer’s specifications stay. Of course the HTC snap also has a camera, even with 2 mega pixels. Also videos you can also record.

, Of course there are also the usual standards such as MP3 player, alarm clock and calculator. The memory of the HTC snap is unfortunately something small come with 256 MB. However, there is the possibility to expand it with a microSD card.

Geotagging and mobile Internet

, Also the new trend of Geotagging is supported by your Smartphone. Here, using GPS, your photos provided with information and associated with later uploaded to a Google map equal to the correct location. (More about it here.)

So that the sending of pictures or download large files faster, uses the HTC snap HSDPA and HSUPA. Unlimited surf and email, should pick up an Internet flat rate to this device on all cases, such as for example the Super flat Internet from Vodafone.  With this rate you can in addition also unlimited telephone network and German fixed-line network in the Vodafone. SMS cost 19 cents per minute.

The HTC snap will be available from late June and already in the preorder at