HTC Supreme/one x: you get the best Android Smartphone from HTC?


* Update 05.03.2012 * now the Smartphone at MWC in Barcelona was presented. It definitely has an aluminium unibody – HTC has hardened them even in a special process, so he should be 5 x as hard as a “ normal ” aluminum housing. Also the optics changed contrary to the images presented by us. To do this we lost at the bottom a recent video you from your Smartphone now called HTC one X on the article.

Even if the naming of the HTC edge or endeavor, or Supreme has become by now somewhat opaque – Yes, we’re talking about three designations for a Smartphone – this Smartphone could really be the best Android Smartphone in the year 2012. Why? Quite simply: HTC Supreme distinguished by the use of high quality materials, ensuring a stylish design and a good feel. Also, it should be with the latest Android (4.0 “ ice cream sandwich ”) be equipped with large 4.7 ″ HD display and faster hardware convince customers. It has already convinced me!

Nice thanks to aluminium

That this HTC Smartphone in each category wants to set standards, it is on behalf of wonderful HTC Supreme, because Supreme means something like “ the highest ” or “ top ”. The whole thing starts with the design. During E.g. Samsung still consistently it puts on plastic, E.g. at the Samsung Galaxy S2, seems so, as HTC at the Supreme tie of the HTC Hero on the strength of the old. Back to: completely made of aluminium. At least, this development is desirable after the detours to a mixed design at the HTC sensation, that partly had a rubberized surface. Discreetly embossed on the back is the HTC logo and at the top, you will find the camera that was visually easily deposed. The high quality material is completed by the slim line of the Smartphone, with a 4.7 ″ display almost in the category of Smartlet (such as for example the Samsung Galaxy touch) advancing.

On the front I found the buttons almost surprising and uncharacteristic for Android 4.0, which normally complete without hardware buttons and embeds them in the software. It seems as though HTC his Scythe wanted to retain surface, although it more closely matches the plans of Google, that the own interfaces in Android 4.0 slowly disappear. But: Worry, because HTC sense is regarded as one of the best user interfaces for Android and acts mature on the other HTC Smartphone, liquid and tidy.

Faster by NVIDIA Tegra 3

Faster than all other smartphones to its release date with certainty the HTC Supreme will not be, because in it is the NVIDIA quad-core platform Tegra 3, which is likely to become the standard for all high-end smartphones this year. Be arrested but that it is to a very high standard – HTC Supreme should play definitely quite forward in the benchmark rankings so this platform and deliver excellent performance. Possibly provides the high clock rate of 1.5 GHz per core even sure that HTC Supreme in terms of computing power is the best smartphone of the year. As memory is 1 gb available.

HD display, 32 gb memory, 8 mega pixel camera

At the first glimpse of the HTC Supreme immediately falls on the large display: 4.7 ″ diagonal are a size, almost on the Samsung Galaxy touch recall. This is the resolution with 1280 × 720 pixels at a very high level, which can keep up with current laptops (mind you with 15 ″ display …). This high resolution calls for of course the hardware of the Smartphones, so that chipset will not dull the Tegra 3.

In the photos so far no micro-SD card slot suggests is what supports the previous messages, the phone would have 32 gb internal memory, at least. Because if you can not add the memory already, a large internal memory is also only makes sense. At 32 gb of space for some photos that 8 megapixel camera can be shot with one, which is complemented by an LED Flash enough.

Full equipped with NFC, HSPA + … and LTE?

Of course, HTC Supreme will support Wi-Fi N, Bluetooth, HSPA + and A-GPS. As far as this list is quite comparable to other smartphones of the high-end class and even cheaper smartphones. But if HTC Supreme bears this name, should here also not small but fine details saved be. The short-distance communication via NFC (E.g. to pay with your phone) is already considered safe.

But will also LTE in the HTC Supreme be installed? At least HTC has shown that they know how it works, because the available exclusively through Vodafone LTE Smartphone HTC velocity 4 G supports the new wireless standard already (we reported: “ HTC velocity 4 G: Android Superphone with LTE “). If HTC so really attempt the HTC Supreme to bring a blockbuster Smartphone on the market, that surpasses all others, then it should support but please also LTE … we know but of course at this stage not seem but likely. It is hoped that there is no exclusive contract with Vodafone over sales of LTE smartphones in Germany.