HTC tattoo – cheap beginner smart phone with Android

The HTC click has been renamed and is now officially called tattoo. The Smartphone (HTC calls it loving “ fun phone ”) with the Android operating system is to talk a young target group with a very reasonable price and a still impressive facilities. Nice feature: the upper trays can be replaced with a few easy steps!

The HTC tattoo behind his big brothers, like E.g. the hero visually in nothing. The Android interface will be displayed as the 2.8 ″ large touchscreen display.

Google Android – real Smartphone

With a price far below 400,-€, the HTC tattoo is the first really affordable Smartphone. Similar devices cost otherwise 500,-€ – where no limits are set towards the top. Operating system we have reports about the Google Android Yes already.

It is the mobile platform with the strongest growth currently and can shine above all, with a large percentage of free applications in Google’s Appstore. Approximately 65% of the offered programs available for free – fits naturally with the convenient HTC tattoo.

Colorful – with replaceable upper shell

Allows the HTC tattoo themselves with a few simple steps from one core build, so that you can give him a new Bowl. Right, so everyone can choose his color. So far, there are five different colors, which have all pretty unusual names (the blue phone is at the beginning of the article).

Display and technology (almost) like the great

Ausstattungstechnisch can absolutely keep the HTC tattoo with the great: Wi-Fi, GPS, UMTS/HSDPA, quad-band GSM … everything is included. Especially when compared to the Samsung rivals Corby, which we already have reported, some benefits at the €100 more expensive HTC tattoo clearly stand out: a real Smartphone operating system Google Android, on the other hand the support of Wi-Fi. This allows many users to the free Internet access, for example, the Wi-Fi is accessible in many universities.

In the display even HTC has saved at least resolution technically a little. 320 × 240 pixels on a 2.8 ″ screen are sufficient for most applications, but for convenient Internet surfing, this display is not optimal. Still, Interface with the scythe is allows a fast and fluid handling, was how to find even on the larger models. This is also the 528 MHz fast processor and large memory from 256mb allows.

When the internal memory is not so generous. The 512mb will be enough for a few apps, then that’s enough. For a great MP3 collection or videos is at least without adding a MicroSD card no space.

Release date

From October of this year, the unit E-Plus, O2 and Vodafone, of course also in the mobile shop by, should be available. In free trade, the Smartphone will have a price of €339. You may be like without obligation to notify of the mobile phone shop by, as soon as the HTC tattoo is available.

Alternative – Samsung Corby

Although the Samsung Corby is not a Smartphone, but comes with a software developed by Samsung. For that, can it come up trumps but with similar data, such as the HTC tattoo, comes but completely without GPS and Wi-Fi. Result is probably also the €100 cheaper price of Samsung Corby.