HTC Thunderbolt: LTE Smartphone with large display

Previously known as the HTC Thunderbolt Smartphone wandering now officially as “ HTC Mecha ” or also “ HTC incredible HD ” through the vast expanses of the WWW. Why so much turmoil to a cell phone? It’s simple: The HTC Thunderbolt has not only as one of the first smartphones LTE support, but also boasts outstanding hardware that is second to none. In addition, it is also one of the few smartphones in addition to the HTC desire HD and with a huge 4.3 HTC HD2 ″ display.

Design and equipment

Of course, HTC’s handwriting inside the HTC Thunderbolt. A high quality Smartphone, which comes with a rubberized back, which gives special grip expected the buyer accordingly. The new generation of Android smartphones seems up-to-date with a metal plate on the back to be equipped, which has an engraved Google logo. This is also in the upcoming dual-core Smartphone LG Optimus to find speed on the back. In the case of the HTC Thunderbolt, this metal part but even to a stand can be folded out – so a small film or a video chat on the large display is sure a pleasure! Of course, this is huge 4.3 ″ display directly on that certainly allows for a comparison with the HTC desire HD and HTC HD2. Visually, a similarity is unmistakable, in particular to the HTC desire HD, which should be more or less also the predecessor of the HTC Thunderbolt. The kapazitivie touch screen is a flat surface that lends an elegant appearance the Smartphone along with the 4 touch buttons at the lower end of the Smartphone. The weight should, however, be less elegant: not alone that the HTC Thunderbolt with one giant display is equipped, might properly attach the weight, the announced 1800 mAh battery is likely more Division on the scale for a few grams.

LTE support included

So far is LTE (“ long term evolution ”) in Germany not a particularly big issue. The “ normal ” users will be more than satisfied with HSPA. In a few land areas in Germany, LTE is so far available and delivers 3000 connection in such transfers data at a speed of a DSL. At least for streaming video from the Internet, this should make a difference on the phone, get to the emails or easy surfing probably not so much. The HTC Thunderbolt offers not only LTE but also including all standard if LTE is not available. Then to surf more than comfortably through the network with HSPA.

Hardware and equipment

In the Internet the rumors about the HTC Thunderbolt have fight over really and is now reported to the Smartphone have a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor. Unfortunately this is now disproved and it is only a single core but with a gigahertz processor. This provides even now still very good performance as also in the HTC desire HD and is more than sufficient for all applications. Memory is abundant with 768 mb. Of course this is great 4.3 ″ display with a resolution of 800 × 480 pixels, as we are accustomed of high-end Android smartphones. The memory equipment is really lush card gb internal memory and an included 16 gb micro-SD with 8. The camera on the back of course filmed in HD and delivers images with 8 mega pixels in photos. There is also a front-facing camera, here about 1.3 Megapixels is suspected. The biggest disappointments of the Android community were probably the lack of HDMI output and that it is processor to a single core, which is present even in the HTC desire HD. In principle it is the HTC Thunderbolt so a HTC desire HD with more memory and LTE support. Who do without the latter – what is probably currently true on every – can access now with the desire HD and be happy.

Availability and price

Whether the HTC Thunderbolt comes after Germany, is currently unclear. In the United States, it is already officially announced and should be distributed with the operator Verizon first exclusively. That of under the name “ Thunderbolt ” comes after Germany, I consider highly unlikely. But simpler English terms as names are often used to simplify the marketing. Maybe the Smartphone comes in the middle of the year as a new addition to the desire series in Germany on the market. We keep at least informed by the bridgat blog! Wait you don’t have but on the Smartphone, we can provide you with the technically nearly equal HTC desire HD as well to the heart. Who should be more power you need to choose a dual-core Smartphone like the LG Optimus speed.