HTC Touch Diamond 2 – touch screen and Windows Mobile with top design

HTC has created with the new touch diamond 2 a real highlight in the mobile market.

The touch diamond 2 is the successor of the touch diamond, and can do a lot better than its predecessor. It grew not only from the functionality, the design has changed a little. The operation is very comfortable through the touch screen and the newly introduced zoom bar. The zoom bar just relieved look at Internet pages very. The battery life is extended and the display of the touch diamond 2 is even sharper, faithful and even larger 3.2-inch.

Through the use of new materials like metal cover of the front, results are a whole new sense of quality. The touch diamond 2 has a high quality and value.

Operating system used as HTC General Microsoft Windows Mobile and the touch diamond 2 in version 6.1. An improved camera resolution increases with 5 mega pixel the quality of photos and an accelerometer can automatically switch the display to landscape mode. The touch diamond 2 supports not only HSDPA and HSUPA, but even Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.0

Conclusion: with the touch diamond 2 is managed HTC a great litter. It is the consistent further development of the successful predecessor touch diamond and puts both in quality and size of facilities to. Very good HTC!