HTC Windows Phone 8: Dual Booting with Android

* Update 07.10.13 * one of the rumors around the HTC Windows phone 8 have become although not really concrete. Now lets himself but heard from different sources that HTC is interested in a dual-boot smartphone with 8 Windows phone and Android, which can be toggled between the two operating systems. A way out of the mess is an HTC one with 8 Windows phone and Android. I am skeptical, because for the broad masses of customers, dual boot is no reason to buy. I’d rather see HTC Windows phone 8 ideally with current Snapdragon 800 and larger battery ….

* Update 04.10.13 * according to there is a report of the news magazine Bloomberg talks between Microsoft and HTC. Microsoft wants to tie even after the purchase of Nokia not only on a manufacturer of Windows phone 8 smartphones, but more similar to the Android competition manufacturer to the operating system. According to the report an anonymous Insider talks with HTC would be. The financially ailing smartphone maker has no new Windows phone 8 Smartphone are presented for June 2013. Microsoft plans to discounted Windows phone 8 licenses for HTC or even free to provide in order to promote the dissemination of Windows phone 8. But perhaps we may hope in 2014 on a HTC one with Windows phone 8.

For many Windows phone 8 users, it is certainly a fantastic idea to be able to use an HTC one with Windows phone 8. Although the Nokia Lumia succeeded series in terms of processing very well, but a unit with aluminum unibody design is currently not under the WP8 smartphones. If the latest rumors are true, the new high-end smartphone from HTC with Windows phone 8 will be launched in October.