HTC Windows phone 8S – stuff to anyone Smartphone

, HTC has to again live a somewhat dusty since Windows Mobile collaboration with Microsoft can be. The HTC Windows phone is 8 X emerged from the liaison, which we have already reported. Something lost in the coverage of the new high-end Smartphone with Windows phone 8 HTC is HTC Windows phone 8S but one dough er version. Quite wrongly, because even the cheaper of the two new HTC Smartphones has much to offer.

Because thanks to the snappy Windows phone 8 surface tends to the processor, memory and graphics thing. As with Windows phone 7 has Microsoft specific minimum requirements for the equipment provided and ensures that liquid running Windows phone 8. You have so – quite different than for affordable Android smartphones – not afraid at the time of purchase have, that one is constantly annoyed by used. Already from about 300,-€ the HTC 8s should enable the affordable first step into this smooth world of Windows phone 8.

Design and processing

The HTC 8S (full name, by the way, really: HTC Windows phone 8S) HTC is based generally on the design of the big brother 8 X, is but overall somewhat smaller (120 x 63 x 10 mm) and lighter (113 g) than the high-end car. There’s touch also made of polycarbonate with a soft surface, what the HTC easy 8 S, but at the same time good grip makes. The polycarbonate is dyed, so that is not so clearly show scratches.


Otherwise there is the typical of the Windows phone interface inspired design quite striking shapes and bold colours (black and white, black and blue, light grey / neon yellow) select, which can be then appropriately adjust the operating system results in a truly harmonious overall concept.

Hardware: high-end of latest generation

As it initially announced, I can only again stress: Windows phone 8 which is felt to the rubbish-core quad-core. The Smartphone operating system runs wonderfully fluid and let us be honest, complex 3D games look chic even on the phone but almost nobody really exploited the power of smartphones. At the HTC 8s the cooperation between Microsoft and the hardware manufacturers, including HTC pays just: the HTC 8s contents itself with a dual-core of the last generation (Qualcomm S4 plus (MSM8227)), this graphics processor Adreno 225) up and running still tack, we can not always say what even of high-end Android smartphones.

The display is 4 ″ diagonal exactly as large as in the Apple iPhone 5 and also the resolution of 800 × 480 pixels is fine even if the more expensive HTC is 8 X of course much higher resolution with 1280 × 720 pixels. Nevertheless, a very reasonable use without any restrictions with the Smartphone without another should be doable. Hidden is the touch screen again by the high-quality, scratch-resistant Gorilla glass as one is used by high-end smartphones. Speichtechnisch sound 4 gb only time precious little, but the Windows phone 8 Smarttphones is – different than the HTC 8 X by the way – feed with micro-SD cards, which can mean even a distinct advantage over his big brother. Are also 7 gb of the Microsoft cloud service SkyDrive available.

The camera is 5 megapixels rather unspectacular, should be sufficient but for nice candids. Videos can be recorded in HD 720 p. There is not a front-facing camera. On the connectivity was not saved: HSPA +, WLAN N, Bluetooth and A-GPS deliver the full package of connection standards. Looking for LTE and NFC vain.

Conclusion: Windows phone 8 with stuff to anyone Smartphone

If a product times the Bild-Zeitung as “ people anything ” known, stands always for devices that will provide very good performance at a reasonable price. When the HTC 8s this could meet to, unless I want to take up this notion somehow new. So is the HTC Windows phone 8 S with me to the “ anyone Smartphone ”, because while the Apple iPhone 5 or other Android smartphones mostly rather to 600,-€ cost, is to have the HTC Smartphone with Windows phone 8 300,-€ (from about mid November 2012).

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